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October 2015
My name is Rachael - I'm British born and bred but these days I call America home. I grew up in rural Yorkshire, and in 2011 I made the move to The Motor City - Detroit, Michigan after falling in love with an American.

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September 2015
Howdy, I'm Kristine. I'm originally from Kelowna BC, Canada, but am currently living and working in Saudi Arabia as a Registered Nurse (RN).
August 2015
I lived in Sheffield in the UK, before persuading my wife to live amongst the hills of Monferrato in Italy. I now consider myself to be fluent in the Italian language after mastering important phrases such as "mi piace vino rosso".
July 2015
I am from Sweden, Stockholm and origin was Nacka in the archipelago of Stockholm. Country now: New Zealand, city Auckland, I live by the sea central of Auckland.
June 2015
Hello, my name is Tiffany. I moved from the US to Qatar almost two years ago for my job. Part of the reason I came to Qatar was to travel and learn about different cultures.
May 2015
I'm Laura and I moved from Wisconsin to Puerto Rico with my husband and two pre-school aged kids. We decided to move in May 2014, and by August 2014 we were here!
April 2015
My name is Tina, and I was born in Northern Pennsylvania on Lake Erie. I have had the privilege of living all over the U.S. and experience culture shock within my own country. It is a very different place North to South, East to West!
March 2015
Iím Naomi, Iím from South-East London, UK, born and bred! I studied modern languages at university and am now working as an English teacher at the British Council in BogotŠ, and as a freelance translator and writer on the side.
February 2015
My name is Jodi and I'm an English teacher at a commercial high school in Japan. Iím originally from St. Louis, Missouri in the United States.
January 2015
My name is Anda Alexandra and I live in the magical city of Cracow (or Krakow, how the locals write it). I married a fine young Polish lad - if you cut any Polish person, you will see that not blood runs through theirs veins, but a genuine love for their motherland.
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