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April 2014
Hi all! My name is Holly and I am an expat! I originally hail from the UK but for the past year and a little bit, I have been living life in Hamilton, Ontario (known locally as Onterrible, but actually it does not deserve such a title).

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March 2014
My name is Liz. I am originally from New Jersey in the USA, but we were most recently in the Seattle, WA area. We now live in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.
February 2014
My name is Eirin, I am originally from Oslo, Norway and I currently live on an estancia in Cañuelas, in the province of Buenos Aires, one hour from the city of Buenos Aires. I moved here from Washington, DC, where I had lived for eight years.
January 2014
My name is Zeljka. I grew up in Croatia where I spent most of my life. I lived in the USA for several years where I met my husband. 7 months ago I moved to Nepal. I now live in Kathmandu.
December 2013
My name is Gwenith Whitford – a proud Canadian who grew up in Kingston Ontario. I worked as a librarian for several years and returned to the Toronto area before relocating to Dominica.
November 2013
My name is Rachel. I am from all over Texas in the US. I am now living in a town on the coast in Kenya, called Kilifi.
October 2013
I’m Pim, my wife's name is Nives, and the cats have changing names. I am coming from the Netherlands (Holland) and I am living in Svinisce, a tiny little village behind Omis, Dalmatia, Croatia.
September 2013
My name is Kirstin, I'm originally from Pennsylvania, USA. I was working in Baghdad in 2009/2010 when I decided to move to Bishkek.
August 2013
I am Julia from London, England where I previously worked as an accountant in the real estate industry. I lived in an old house in south east London with my husband and two adorable cats. I now live in Bombay.
July 2013
I am Marilyn and I am originally from Antwerp Belgium. I have a Polish grandfather and a Greek grandmother. I moved to Tel Aviv in 2007 for work and I fell in love with the city.
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