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Je re ouvre cette discussion après avoir mis de côté quelques messages disons inopportuns / hors sujet.

Les prises de bec n'aident en rien, et n'intéressent personne.

Je vous invite à nous signaler tout nouveau contenu "malvenu" via le bouton "signaler". Nous serons quoi faire.

Si vous avez des questions sur le fonctionnement du site, je vous invite à nous nous contacter.

Je vous remercie pour votre attention, et vous souhaite une excellente journée.


Christine posted on the thread Renting flat in Pokhara on the Nepal forum

Hi jitendra > please note that free advertisement is not allowed on the forum. You should register yourself in the business directory. Thank you.

Hello everyone > for your accommodation search, i invite you to have a look at the Nepal housing section and post your advert there. You can also have some contacts in our business directory > Real estate in Nepal.

Thank you,
Expat blog team

Christine posted on the thread New to kuwait on the Kuwait forum

Hi smoky1985,

So, how can we help? Do you have any specific questions on Kuwait?

Can you please tell us more about you?

Thank you

Hi Rachel26 > for classes you should post on the classifieds > classes in Italy section

@pelumiv > just to remind that expat blog is not a dating website

Hi jundelos > if you want to move to Vietnam, you should then introduce yourself and post your questions on the Vietnam forum

@Rizwan > please post your advert in the housing in Italy section

Thank you

This topic is on "introduction of our new members"

Thank you.

Christine posted on the thread arnaque a l,emploi on the La Réunion forum

Donc l'annonce n'est pas sur expat blog.

Si toute fois, vous voyez des messages suspects sur le site expat blog,  n'hésitez pas à nous signaler en utilisant le bouton "Signaler". Nous ferons le nécessaire très rapidement.


Christine posted on the thread Tamils on the Lagos forum

Hi Sreekanth.m > to whom are you addressing your messages?

Dear members,

I invite you to introduce yourself and your project so that to know well each other and get contacts.

Thank you.