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New members have never been able to post outside links, this is nothing new. Part of the Automated Anti-spam System.

Dumb system - if they don't reappear - even new members can supply good links.

My point is why aren't they reviewed and reinstated if appropriate?

the link here has been reviewed and approved. When you see link is under review means that our team will review it and validate it if it is appropriate. Now, if you need more details about our procedure. please contact me to avoid off topic on the thread. Thank you.

Bonjour darwin84 et sihemt > si vous souhaitez parler sur une région, je vous invite à créer une nouvelle discussion et svp évitons les propos offensants et les prises de tête.

Respectons le sujet de cette discussion et laissons les nouveaux membres se présenter et nous parler de leur projets. ;)