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audi6irl posted on the thread wish to meet new people on the Jakarta forum county. Sure we grab a coffee sometime. I look forward to it. When? Where? I wish i can leave u my email or ph no. But its not allowed here.....

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Its not a gd idea to buy from private because the bike usually comes as guaratees so if problems come up in regards to the machine, etc. U will SOL. U can prob buy a used bike from the dealers too & they might offer guarantee on it still & maybe free maintenance care too. U should ask about this. Hope this helps ! :-)

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wish to meet new people

Hi. I'm Alyce & i am now back in jakarta after living in the USA for 23 years. I'm looking for friends. I miss being able to speak english. We can chat via gmail or yahoo. audi6irl[at] or audi6irl[at] Or u can call & we could introduce ourselves in person.Btw, where r the cohangout places located? Thank you so much