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BenjaminVasosky posted on the thread hello everybody, i am new here and come from Vietnam. on the Nha Trang forum

Hi Robbo,

As a new member here, I advise you to start talking to people, not only those in the country you are hoping to visit or work but also to other members as well. They will be able to give you a lot of advice and help you in any way they can with information or even meeting you up.


B. Vasosky

BenjaminVasosky posted on the thread Teaching ESL Yangon (Horizon Int.) on the Myanmar forum

Well, I have my colleagues' children attending at Posein Horizon school. They manage to get information about school running out of budget and there has been a parent-teacher meeting concerning school fees. Horizon is reluctant to reduce the rise in school fees but without any known improvement. I will update on this after talking to my friends.

BenjaminVasosky posted on the thread Douala on the horizon on the Douala forum

Nice to meet you, EcoMom. I am Benjamin Vasosky, joined this expat community just a couple of months ago. Am very proud of your work. Bon Chance on your way to Douala!!!

BenjaminVasosky posted on the thread Teaching ESL Yangon (Horizon Int.) on the Myanmar forum

Raising awareness to all summer school teachers: Horizon is presently suffering from budget deficits and has raised the school fees for all students by 40% which caused a riot at the Posein Campus the other day. Teachers, please gather enough information before deciding to teach at the school.

BenjaminVasosky posted on the thread Virgin visit to Chiang Mai on the Chiang Mai forum

Welcome notyourexpat and No one's racist here, not that I know of. Thailand's New Year surely is approaching soon. I have spent a few years back in Bangkok and know of the festival pretty well. Just be sure to expect lots of water and chalk, and a huge load of traffic jam!! :)  But, i am sure you will enjoy the festival and so, สวัสดีปีใหม่

BenjaminVasosky posted on the thread Doing business in Myanmar on the Myanmar forum

I would like you all to advise me in starting business here. First, I thought of introducing a casino along with my business colleagues from Thailand. But, I assume the Government still prohibits it though democracy has been adopted. Now, I am thinking of buying some shares here. Would you like to recommend how much and which company to purchase shares? Stocks and bonds market is risky but I would like to ride the bandwagon, thank you.

BenjaminVasosky posted on the thread Want to practice with native Myanmar speakers on the Myanmar forum

Hello Orasio,

Though I am not a native speaker, I am sure we can sill talk to each other in Burmese. Have been learning this language for more than 4 years now. Quite fluent, I guess. :)

Benjamn V. (I've got a Burmese name too) - Zwe Kyaw

BenjaminVasosky posted on the thread Hi Im Pam on the Ecuador forum

Hello, Nibbles. I will ask my friends whether they have been to Ecuador. And, Welcome to the Expat Hive!

BenjaminVasosky posted on the thread hai on the Hyderabad forum

Nice to meet you Guy. I am sure you will make lots of contacts here. As for me, I am from St. Petersburg and has been traveling either as a teacher or making some business with my colleagues in Taiwan and Thailand respectively. Recently, I have settled in Myanmar and is working at Yangon International School.

BenjaminVasosky posted on the thread The ins and outs of the children entertainment business? on the Myanmar forum

Hello Wild_1,

Though I am new here, I believe there are very few amusement zones with numerous enjoyable facilities and rides. I am sure your business will be new here and therefore, prosper. However, let me remind you that many Burmese people tend to go out more on public holiday when they usually visit pagodas. So, I think you can start your project in the area of a famous pagoda like Shwe Dagon. However, the Government and the neighborhood may or may not approve this plan.

Personally, I appreciate you coming here to start your business. I have three kids of my own and am sure they would love going to a high quality amusement zone.

With Best Wishes,
Benjamin V.

BenjaminVasosky posted on the thread One week here and allready like it on the Myanmar forum

Hello Mir0, welcome to the Expat Hive. I am also a new expatriate in Yangon, just adapting to life here. It's very different from Russia, obviously, but has a similar culture to Taiwan and Thailand. I have already made lots of acquaintances with foreign and local people, especially at YIS, the International School I am working at the moment. Teaching in Myanmar is the swiftest and easiest step before observing the economic structure to start a business of your own. Good luck everyone!

BenjaminVasosky posted on the thread Agent nightmares??? on the Myanmar forum

When my friend came to Myanmar a few years ago, he rented an apartment in a very crammed area for $250 a month, which was pretty expensive for the given "quality." I asked him why he had done so which he replied in a depressed tone: "The house agent persuaded me that it's getting hotter and the apartment has two air conditions and a refrigerator. Before I think "Not bad," he added, "Except that there's no electricity 12 hours a day...usually at night." What a joke!

BenjaminVasosky posted on the thread Do and don't in Myanmar on the Myanmar forum

To add to all above points,

1. If you have been rude in front of a religious ground or monk, say "gadaw" twice as a sign of respect.

2. When addressing someone, make sure to put appropriate Burmese honorifics. Eg. U for Mr., Daw for Mrs.

3. Offer a seat to an elderly or a woman when all other places are occupied.

4. When eating, serve the eldest member of the group first.

5. Before starting a discussion about something shameful, request for permission first.

6. For hygiene reasons, dine only at a clean restaurant on your travels to countryside. 

7. Purchase gems and arts from legal authorized dealers and don't forget to get a receipt.

8. Carry some medicine on your trip around the country. Clinics are very few in villages.

9. Oh and one more thing. Toilet papers in your bags!!! Very important especially on train or bus journey.


1. Drink Tap Water!!! (Very important - diarrhea from self-experience)

2. Extend your legs towards or cross over elder people. Touching their heads, is of course, also considered as an insolent act.

3. Offer handshakes with a monk.

Burmese people are English literate and so, you can always make use of the lingua franca to ask for directions or contact doctors if you have medical emergencies.

BenjaminVasosky posted on the thread Hello from an expat in Yangon on the Myanmar forum

Thank you very much, Becky.
1. Found your information on daycare at another thread and I have decided to hire a nanny pretty soon.
2. Regarding the apartment, I am still searching for a cheaper one till I manage to save more money to afford a large accommodation for the entire family. So, my range is one between $300-50 per month.   
3. As for the holiday, I am planning a 4 night 5 day package trip to Chaung Thar beach. It's quite near to Pathein city and so, I can enjoy both urban and rural water festival i guess? A beach should be a nice spot for recreation with my family after the whole month of shifting houses and adapting to the new environment.

BenjaminVasosky posted on the thread Child care in Myanmar on the Myanmar forum

Thanks Becky. I am sure a nanny would be reliable, at least, more than a daddy who goes to work all day. So, I'll start requesting my fellow only-daddy-friends to get a nanny as soon as possible. Only if they cannot provide any contacts, can I ask you to help me?

BenjaminVasosky posted on the thread Child care in Myanmar on the Myanmar forum

Thank you very much for your information, Becky. However, to what extent can my children's behavior be affected with being raised by a nanny? Can you suggest some schools that have 8am to 4pm-ish nursery class?


BenjaminVasosky posted on the thread Hello from an expat in Yangon on the Myanmar forum

Hello Becky. Compared to you, I have only got 1 month experience in Myanmar and so, would be grateful to you if you answer my questions.

Is there any day care centre in Yangon for my children? Haven't found one yet.
An apartment to rent near the Yangon International School?
Any fascinating place to visit for this Thingyan Festival?

Thank you.
Benjamin V.