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isladenebz posted on the thread Cost of living in Saudi Arabia on the Saudi Arabia forum

Hi, I'm from Alkhobar (Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia). 

First things first:  Are you a Western National?  Normally, whichever company contracted you (to work in Saudi) must arrange for your accommodation and transport (as well as your insurances, education of your kids, etc).  There are Western villas available in the city which are decent.  However, if you're holding a bachelor visa, then expenses for your family are not covered.

There are no public cinema houses here.:(
Alcohols are totally banned.:(
A liter of bottled water is costlier than a liter of gas.:)
There are Western restaurants here (steakmeal costs something like $20 per person).:|

Saudi was not saved from recent world recession hence prices of groceries have gone up an average of 20-25% or even more.

You can always google your questions