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Hi shabbaxy,
Welcome to the blog. you'll meet many friends out there. keep smiling. ;)

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Hi Miroelsilent,

Is this @ Grand Place?? it is really helpful if you can either mention the address or the map of this place. Cos all the new members doesn't know this place by name. Neither myself. :D

and hope this even is English.. ;)

But.. Appreciate your effort on this.

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HI Christian, Welcome to the expat blog.
In deed this is great site..

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Learning Duch and Frech

Hi Guys, I'm working @ Brussels and always have to talk to a person who is natively Dutch or French.

I know this will get ages to learn these in fluently but can you recommend me a fast track to learn these Languages at least for certain extent.

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@ tarundel - Good Idea. Where have you being soo far??
@ Mademoiselle - It is seems to be a greate place. Can you please tell me where is it??