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Hi grot,
From what i know, the security industry is not really booming in Guinea. The pay is not also good. But as you are aware, foreign companies have slowly started coming to Guinea. For now most of those companies are mining companies. I know of one (Rio Tinto) which pays very well its staff including the security guards.

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Winafrica wrote this

[1-Never ask for ice when you drink something,because they  will not procude ice with distilled water,you can be sick.

2-Always try to drink something bottled and be sure that it is opened by your whitness ...,bear,water,coca cola what ever.

3-Dont walk alone in the night try to go with friends or by car.

4-If you drive police,always will try to stop you and ask for money if it's your daily regular way do what  he wants for the first time but next day will be the same ..don't worry smile and gently go on don't stop.

5-Keep always cleaning jell or soappy stuff with you,they like shake hands and unfortunately hands are not clean.

6-Take your maleria medicine daily.]
I donnot agree with most of the advise, but we are all free to share opinions.
1-We do produce ice water, just ask for ice "coyah water" at the right places. That's a sachet distilled water.
2- what can they possibly put in your bottle if they opened it? poison? that's a non-funded conspiracy theory. Moreover, you have canned and carton packaged drinks also...
5- Depends on who you are greeting, i think that the same in every country. Even in the States.
6-Taking daily malarial medicine? seriously? that's not even healthy, anyway ask a medical doctor's advise.

I do agree with 3 and 4.


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Hi Numbian 3,
I think you will do just fine, u should have a nice experience there...if you are looking for "life in the wild" with exquisite touristic places i'm sure you will be served, if your boyfriend knows his way around the country well. On the other hand, if you are looking for sophisticated life experience, it might not be that great, u know it's an African country.
As you know it's a french speaking country but some people do speak English. You will probably meet a lot of Americans, usually at the touristic centers.
For the marry life, well each experience is unique but in general you should have fun with the traditional ceremonies and dance parties :-)
Have a nice trip and if any more questions do not hesitate contacting me on my above mentioned facebook account.

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Hi Biggie,
I really think that your plan sounds great, and i'm sure your project will do just fine. I do agree with you on all the points you have talked about. I strongly believe that the fact that you're  very experienced and also that you come from the US will really be a plus and attract students, both beginners and those who have some experience...
Technical courses are really needed there. Most people, like me who are wanting to get good technical skills and certifications have to go far countries.
Again, just the fact that your are experienced and from the US will really get you the trust of people :-)
I am planning to go there before ending of this year and look for a job ( it's a really sweet place and i miss it big time).
If by then your project is up, i will be glad to serve in any way.
best Regards,

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Dear sir, I'm also a working in the IT field in Ghana, I'm from Guinea conakry but i have been working in Ghana for 5 years now...
Yes having a computer repair shop is a good idea, we do have skillful technicians you can hire if needed, and yes my people there need good IT lecturers. our main problem is the electricity issue but i believe the current government is working at that.
It's better if you have the shop in an area that do not experience electricity issues like "Kalum" or "Kaloum" in french.
Which courses do you intend to offer?

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Hi, I am a Guinean, living in Ghana, i usually go to Guinea once a year, It's a very lovely place. You should be careful not to go out alone at night, people are usually very welcoming with foreigners. but we do have security concerns...have a stay in Guinea.

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I am a Guinean, getting married in Guinea is not complicated and we have very cheerful celebrations. But some (not all) Muslim families will require the foreigner to convert to islam (again this is in rare occasions). The overall experience is nice and worth to live it.
Bonne chance!!!