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Way too much development going on. Cheaper to rent. I know many with many properties earning 5%, but have many units going unrented. A big risk. I would not do it. If this Country doesn't change its policies with foreigners in general on ownership in general in anything the economy will tank and then you will be stuck

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LOL You are so funny. What you think Filipina are of an Alien race. For the most part (except a very few countries)  Its the same all over the World when it comes to courtship. The Philippines is a Christian Country and you will court this woman like you would in the States or any other Western Country. You date, flowers, chocolates. The same ol thing. Trust me I know.On the other hand, you better have some money in your pocket or be on a career path to success.

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One important factor is AGE. Look in the mirror and ask yourself would you want money to be with you LOL. Yes I am aware that age is not the same moral issue it is in the States, but believe me these women are not interested in your physical attributes as they are in your monetary attributes. Now if you are a young man and attractive they will be interested in you for all the normal reasons a woman and man are interested in each other and money will not play much of any role. On the other hand I have seen countless number of men here with woman that are so fat and ugly they epitomize the old joke......A guy really drunk picks up a girl at a bar and in the morning his arm is under her head. He then sees how ugly she is he then decides he is better off sawing off his arm rather than wake her up. Anyway,  when I talk to these guys most say this woman was the first one they got into a good internet relationship with and then when they come that is who they stayed with and never thought to look around. they were already in love. My suggestion to all men involved in internet relations is NOT to send any money. Once you get here then see how you feel about her and from that you can decide how to deal with the financial elements. If you plan on staying here my other suggestion is to move far away from where her relatives are based. Nothing wrong with helping out but you don't want to make it too easy to be exploited. Just use the same common sense you hopefully had back where you are from. Just my opinion folks

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got sick before the muff diving even began. I had not even gotten laid during the two months I spent here before getting sick. Despite the desire and original plan to nail multitudes of women, I am very particular and also don't do pros!!! My future wife was my first I Had a heart attack right after after scuba diving Puerta Galera.

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I came here in 2004. My plans were to build a 100' Banca boat and basically go around the Philippines and try to score with as many Filipina as possible in the course of my planned multi-years journey. Within two months of being here I got very sick and was forced to dramatically change my plans to one of settling down. I joined Cherry Blossom and placed a very succinct ad. Seeking a woman to settle down for all the right reasons. LOVE and companionship. Money and a green card not being one of them as I have no plans to return to the states and I have very little money. I got one response and I have been with this woman for ten years and we have a beautiful 6 year old daughter together. Turns out she had already lived overseas and was a citizen of another country. She didn't need my money or my green card LOL The point I am trying to make is go after what you seek. You will meet that person. maybe it takes a .little longer than going the all you can eat buffet route but it will happen.

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Who the F cares. I can't believe you are still even communicating with this person. You are in a candy store my friend Move on. Lots to choose from. I am not being cynical just being a realist. Too many of you are so ignorant and have less common sense than many people here. Use your brain and not your heart. Keep using your heart and you will be broke. After you come visit here and are eye to eye with a lady then you can let your heart into the picture

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Slight exaggeration but all in all you are on the right track. Yes there will probably be a bubble as in the USA. Davao is no more violent or safe than any other city in the Philippines. One thing for sure is traffic is getting worse.

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VPlace across from Gaisano Mall is a place to listen to live bands, drink and dance. Most of the bands are very good. Nice place to hangout with GF or friends in general.  Matina Square Mall or MTS. There is a bar in the back by the basketball court run by and English guy and he has a great crowd of the better expats in Davao. Nice and comfortable place for conversation and drinking. MTS has many barbeque food vendors and they have live bands on weekends

I mentioned in my post I get 20% on my money. Other than that I venture no opinion on precious metals or otherwise. I think food will become the ultimatum investment in time so owning cheap farm land and growing stuff could be the future. Probably takes 5 years to get a crop to commercial levels like **coffee** and coconut but can be supported with banana, corn,and other fast growing crops. The Philippines also needs good beef. Presently there is only one beef supplier of beef worth eating. Using Japanese cows grown and maintained following Japanese system.

With no disrespect who gives a flying crap about your central bank and what they think or do LOL. The fact remains there is too much building going on and rents cannot support the cost of money. Plain and simple! I can show you hundreds of subdivisions now where houses can't sell and these are nice places. With condos it is even worse. I am buying into a building in Makati in about the best location possible which I can own for 45,000sqm and in that building presently there are about 1/2 dozen for sale. Again I mean you no disrespect but my friend you are living in a pipe dream. You want to make a wager on it!

$1,800 can go far or not so far depending on where you live. Most will revolve around the rent you pay. far cheaper in province In the province yes and city no.  A guy supporting a GF, Wife and family no. Very subjective speaking.

Under no circumstances invest in any condo property. There is a bubble coming maybe within 3 years. Only two year ago you could buy under 70K sqm now prices almost 130k sqm. Ridiculous. Way too much building. I have tons of property in the country but just property and fortunately much of it I bought above 46 to the dollar and there are still property/land values out there, but you would have to have a mental problem if you bought a condo now in Makati, fort bon, rockwell, cebu, etc. cheaper to rent than own and invest your principal elsewhere.