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adnanhashmi posted on the thread Home Based Part-Time Typing Job in Riyadh on the Riyadh forum

Its legitimate, go to the link provided, create your profile and complete it, then keep on checking for the available jobs as a mystery shopper, all details are given there. In the end, you get paid via paypal !

*Go to the consular office of your embassy and ask them to a request letter in Arabic for KSA PCC (Police Clearance Certificate).

* Then take the letter to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Nasseriah and had it stamped for SR 25 fee.

* Then take stamped letter to the CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION DIVISION OFFICE near Batha, give this letter to the officer. The officer will fill up the application form for you, and have your finger prints affixed in the form.

* You will be required to submit 2 passport size pictures with white background, photocopy of your iqama ( resident booklet), as well as the original and photocopy of your passport.

*Then the officer will give you a claim stub indicating the date to claim for my PCC.No fee is required.

* You can then take the PCC to a licensed translation office and have it translated to English.


From Filiipino Market in Batha, take direction towards south (going to Haraj). Under the second bridge from the Filipino market, turn right, then turn left on the next traffick light. Go straight about 100 meters the CIC office is on your left beside STC buiding.

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Yes Madiha, even if you have an iqama, as per Labour Law, you are not allowed to work, however, its best that you find a job in some international school, they will hire you without your iqama!

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Complaint at Ministry of Labour.

Has anyone ever filed a complaint at M/O labour? I would like to know the procedure involved in the kingdom? Please share your part of the story if you have experienced to be Martin Luther king..

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Just adding my own experience, got my iphone stolen in E-Max on king abdul aziz road. It happened last sunday and at the same time, there were 03 more females complaining for the mobile theft.
Caution: Please lock your device with a security lock and keep your personnal photos and videos in your system.

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VOILA :D Allie, you should find a job in SMOSA i.e (SARCASM MINISTRY OF SAUDI ARABIA) :D

Alliecat wrote:

goher11 wrote:

How do I scan the threads? :p
Never been too sites like these before.

You go to the KSA screen in the EB ( You put your finger on the wheel on your mouse and slowly pull your finger towards yourself (down).  While doing this, you read the list of topic subjects.  When you get to the one that mentions Pinoy and basketball (page 2), you click on it and read it.


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That's what i thought when it first rained a week back, but now, i believe, the desert is going to turn green soon as its one of a sign befor the day of judgement... :)

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The rain is back !

So guys, how do you like this new change? Imagine the kingdom to have an average of 9 days of rain in an year, how do you feel about the change in weather...

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TheLegendLeads wrote:

Leasing a car from bank is never a good option. High interset rate and that also without having ownership in your name. It's better to get a cash loan from bank and get the car.

Anyways, this topic has been discussed many times. Please use google custom search box.

Cash loan from bank...good option, but would you confirm if the interest rate will be low in this case?

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Need the PM also in my inbox plz.. :)

meem0 wrote:

Hey Aleena,

My colleagues know of a maid who is available on Fridays, her name is Evelyn. I'll PM you her contact number :)