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masee5 wrote:

One month advanced noticed and if your company is good they will release you to the new employer

Those are the magic words, right?  So what happens when thisis not the case?

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farzabbas wrote:

if ur relatives already got the visa and if u have the copy u can travel with that copy to  dubaifrom KSA.

make sure that ur relative submitted the originals to airport before you reach dubai so that emigration in dubai will allow you to move out of airport(hope this procedure is known to ur relative)

The only thing I can say about the above comment is - be very clear on what your relatives actually have!!!!  I am a bit leary about giving advise without clearly knowing what you have on hand.  Hhat you do not want to have happen is to be stuck at the airport with a piece of paper which you THINK might be a visa when it MIGHT only be an invitation letter from your relatives.

houstonian posted on the thread Saudi Expatriate's visa requirements for UAE. on the Saudi Arabia forum

Mojud0926 wrote:


actually i have relatives in Dubai currently working there and they are the one who will process my entry VISIT visa my question is will that visit VISA will allow me to enter dubai,or once i received the VISA from Dubai, do i need to process documents here in Saudi and what would be the procedures.



I realize you did not address your question to me but I will give this a shot.  As you had mentioned on your earlier post, you will be going out of the KSA on a final exit.  So building on that - if you want to go to the UAE, then as a Philippine national (based on your profile), you will need a visa to get into the UAE.  If I were in your shoes, I would contact the UAE Embassy here in the Kingdom and figure out what the requirements are. 

Good luck!!

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HRGuru wrote:

It takes a min of 30-45 mins these days in Ryd to get from one end to another, and this is if traffic is moderate. If there are some accidents or idiots on the way then you can add another hour more on that.

OK - I have to say this comment made me smile.  Suffice it to say that you need to add another hour or so to account for the crzies that are out there.  :)

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gonzrule wrote:

Hi Guys,

I just want to know. How bad is traffic in Riyadh? Any estimated figure would give me a clear picture.

I am not quite sure what "estimated figure" you are asking for.  Traffic in Riyadh, especially along major streets - Olaya, King Fahad, Tahlia,  etc can be very very bad - depending on the time of day.  Certainly at 0300 you can breeze from one side of town to the other in about 15 minutes.

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ilivetorace wrote:

I just got my Saudi "Commercial Visa" today!

OK - I am biting.  What is a "Commercial Visa"?

I should have googled first.  Hahaha.  I now know what a "Commercial Visa" is.

Anyway, if you obtained the visa legally (from the Saudi Arabian Embassy), there should not be any issues with it when you arrive in the Kingdom.

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Dear Harry,  (sorry - could not resist!!)

Welcome to the Magic Kingdom!!!  It does take a while to get used to everything here.  I have been here almost 2 years now and the whole work week thing is still difficult to comprehend at times.  I just play the 1st week day, 2nd weekday ... game in my head - it keeps me sane that way!!  Haha.  For some reason TGIW just does not do it for me!!

Best of luck with the compound.  I got lucky with mine just because one of my colleagues lives in the same compound and he helped me secure my place.  I still had to stay a month at a hotel before I can move in but it all worked out in the end.

Driving ... well - good luck on that as well.  I chose not to even bother here.  No one (locals AND expats alike - especially those expats who have been here a looong time) has any regard (nor care) for the rules.  Common sense is certainly not common here when it comes to driving and driving rules.

Enjoy your stay in country!!

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Welcome (soon) to the Magic Kingdom!!  Some tips:

1.  Keep an open mind
2.  Keep your expectations (very) low
3.  Bring lots and lots of patience

Safe travels!! (Say hello to my uncle in VB for me!!)

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A good friend of mine is from St Johns.  I was made an honorary newfie - that screech was nasty!!!

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PMUSA wrote:

I know they say I will have to leave the country every 30 days while on the business visa.

If you are a US passport holder, then you will most likely receive a 5 year business visa with a duration of stay of 6 months.  So no need to exit the country every 30 days.

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billhewson wrote:

Well been here three days and already want to runaway.

Welcome to the Magic Kingdom.  :)

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nana84046 wrote:

You could convert the t. But not the satellite system. . If you want to just play games or hook up DVD , br etc. go ahead. I live here,  I am not just filling you full. It is the truth.

I am not doubting you!  I am not an engineer by any stretch of the imagination.  I was just curious that's all.  No worries.

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nana84046 wrote:

I can't believe no one has told you this. I brought mine over, I was told not to by our company, guess what they don't work. . I will find the technical answer for you.

I am not a big tv watcher so I never even considered bringing my tv here (I can think of more interesting/fun things to spend money on than shipping tv - but that's just me!)

I, seriously, am just curious why it will not work here.

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I have been seeing this a lot lately (about time if you ask me!!).  A friend of mine got ticketed for going the wrong way on a one-way street.  I told him a few weeks back that his luck will run out one of these days - or the authorities will eventually decide to do their job (whichever comes first ... haha).  Hopefully this is a change that will continue in the Magic Kingdom.

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Call me old fashioned but I do like reading a "paper" book.  I resisted for a very long time in buying one of those e-books and it was only when I decided to take this job that I bought one.  It certainly is more convenient to carry.  To each his/her own!

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By the way, you might want to check on the dates for the Janadriyah Festival.  I just read an article where the King will be presiding the inaugural festivities on 04.03.2013.

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One of my colleagues is from NZ and he told me to google a document called New Zealand tax residence - Who is a New Zealand resident for tax purposes (IR292).  The document he has is dated August, 2008 - there might be a newer version of this.

Good luck.

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OK - I was intrigued by this so I asked one of the ladies in the office.  She said that you did go to the right place - the souk on Olaya that sells the abayas.  She said it is called a "Moroccan" style abaya.  Most stores will not sell it this way - she said you may be lucky to find a store that sells it this way.  But your better bet is to go to one of those stores, tell them what you want, they will take your measurement and custom-make one for you.

There you go - now my curiosity has been satisfied!!  Haha