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tatyanaki posted on the thread im coming to india, little scare on the New Delhi forum

Hi, truongkham. You are coming for living, but you are not sure if you can live in India???. What is reason brings you to India then? Not possible to give any advice how to live in India. The main one is respect the culture, traditions, people and everything else will come automatically and will make your staying safe and comfortable. Wish you all the best. Welcome to India. With warm wishes Tatyana

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neilcarrey wrote:

Hi, Wonder how can you stay and work in India and help others while you haven't cleared about what kind of visa you are holding and the experience to deal with indian bureocracy? Suggest Neil

Hi, Neil. Everything is possible if you believe and your desire is tue. All the best Tatyana

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Hi, n5812. Here are couple of advice for girls - foreigners who is wishing to marry Indian guys: 1. Marriage in India is very serious step and without parents no one guy will never do it by himself. 2. Marrying an Indian guy, you getting married to all his family, traditions, manners, and so called vox populi. You can never avoid this things. 3. whatever people say, 99% Indian guys marry only Indian girls always. This is the reality and you can`t change it. One of my Indian friends (we know each other more 25 years) is not married because of some matters. We are very good friends, so we can share everything between us. So, once he told me - If i could get married, she would be an Indian girl only. And this despite the fact that 10 years he has studied and lived in USSR and knows different lifestyle. The second one is divorced and has a daughter with his ex-wife, but he says, that if i get married once again, girl should be single and without kids. How you like it? Now make a conclusion and think thrice. All the best.

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(1) Area 1250 square yard mini farm house 5 bedroom with swimming pool ,garden. Complete farm house on sale in DLF Farm house. Chhatterpur.Demand 10 crore. (2) Area 1 Acre Farm. 5 bedroom.New construction.Delhi resistry.fully devloped farm.at Radhey mohan drive.bandh road.chhatterpur.Demand.35 crore. (3) Area 2.5 Acre fully devloped farm house.5 bedroom. Delhi resistry. At vasant kunj.Demand 90 crore. (4) Area 1 Acre raw farm house(empty farm) delhi resistry at Radhey mohan drive.
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Flats for rent:-(1) 4 bedroom flat .second floor.fully furnished.Area 500 square yard.at jvts garden chhatterpur. Rent- 75000. (2) 3bedroom flat. 1st floor.unfurnished. A/C can be provided.Area250 square yard.at chatterpur enclave ph-2.Rent 45000.negotiable. (3) 3 bedroom flat 1st floor.unfurnished.At chhatterpur enclave ph-2. Area 165 Square yard.Rent 32000. (4) An old bunglow fully furnished.Area 1000 square yard.at jvts garden.chhatterpur. Rent 1.25 lac.
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Hi, vasi14. Nobody can say how much time it will take exactly. Even in embassy they don`t know. Visa processing is always unpredictable. In the end up the embassy may refuse your application at all without any explanation. It happens. Just be in touch with curator of visa section to get informed in time. That`s all.

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Delta1212 wrote:

Hi, One of my relatives is a British citizen married to an Indian. She has stayed in India for the past 30 years and I don't see any Visa stamped in her passport. I talked to a local lawyer in India and they don't seem to have a clue on how it worked in the good old days. We wanted to bring her overseas for a visit. Before we stir the hornets nest I would like your help in understanding a few things: 1. What kind of Visa is she on? I don't see a Visa stamp on the passport - however there is an entry stamp for her entry. 2. Do you know any good lawyer (in India) who I can talk to, to understand this? Thanks!

Hi. Make it more easier. Go directly to Ministry of Home affair in Delhi and there you can get all your questions answered.

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Hi, Madara If you want to be in stream of last updates, take a weekly observer like Time Out Delhi for example. You can find information about events in Delhi and outside of the city and a lot of other various interesting articles as well. Tatyana

Hi, frangc. To get employment visa out of India almost not possible. I myself have faced this problem last year. I tried to get a job (i am software applying experienced specialist). I have registered on several Indian job sites and got some proposals regarding job. But when employees got to know i am abroad, they said - once you are in India, welcome for interview. You have only one option - to come to India on tourist visa again and marry your indian girlfriend. In this case after sometime you will get PIO card and more possibility to get a job in India. Tatyana

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Absolutely agree. Just came back to Delhi from Punjab, so i can say. Indian people are mostly focused on indian food. Don`t try to impress them by cooking any continental food, it doesn`t work here. I have tried to introduce Russian, Belarusian and Ukrainian food in 2 restaurants in Delhi and one new restaurant in Punjab. Owners were keen, but customers didn`t accept. Moreover, to cook Russian or any other dish from CIS countries cuisine takes much more time than pizza, for example. I love indian food very much, so i can understand indian people.

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To become an able system integration specialist, manager in different areas, administrator in general office works, translator/interpreter

One month is not enough. Before signing the marriage you should get in the embassy of your country a document confirming that your goverment not against marriage with a citizen of India. After the filing of the documents you need to wait a month. If other obstacles are not found to, after one month your marriage will be registered.

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Expats from Russia and Europe

Hello all. I am Russian lady. I am currently in New Delhi. I would like to get in touch with other expats from Russia/CIS and other parts of Europe, living in or around Delhi. Tatyana

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Opening up a company for a foreigner in India

Hello. I am looking for a CHARTERED ACCOUNTANT COMPANY/ INDIVIDUAL who can help me in opening up a company here in New Delhi, India. I want to get a long term business/employment visa through this company. Anyone has any experience regarding this? i would highly appreciate any help from anyone. Thanks Tatyana

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We can`t write in Russian on this site, because other members should understand to be able to help, or suggest something. If you want, we can have chat on skype, or connect by e-mail. Tatyana.

tatyanaki posted on the thread Thinking of moving to India for work on the India forum

Hi, agenta. it is all up to you. I am 43. I leaved in Russia, left everything i had without regrets and came to Delhi having nothing except tourist visa and desire to stay in India for life. I got to know India in different ways - by reading books, watching movie etc. When i came here first time, i saw life here as i dreamed. Very difficult to say about India, because it is special. If you can not accept life here, you can leave anytime. I think very difficult to advice anything to you, it is like if you read or watch news on tv. everyone has own view. Wish you all the best.

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May be you are right, if you sure that you know exactly what real love is. I think it`s not possible in your age. Sorry. Sometimes we take for love just good friendship or good attitude. Don`t rush. You are so young. Real love is much stronger than you just can imagine. Leave all this on GOD. Don`t try anything. You can not clap with one hand. Nothing will happen earlier or later. All in good time. Believe me, i know what i say. Tatyana

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Hi, beng. No need to copy someone. Just be yourself. I don`t see any problem on this phase. Did you discuss this theme with your bf`s family? Are you sure that they will not accept you? Start from the beginning - speak with members of his family and then you will come to know, what they think. After that only you may make final decision.

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Sure. Happy to stay in touch. If it in my hand, i will help you. We can chat in skype - tatyana.volchanova( Tata from India), or by sending e-mail (tatyana.volchanova@yandex.ru). Regards Tatyana.