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intercambio - Spanish speaker


i am looking for spanish speakers to practice my spanish. if you interested we can do intercambio, i can teach you bahasa and you teach me spanish... or anyone that interested in learning spanish as well could join,, let me know..



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hola todos!

i just arrived in Granada last sunday, its my first week in Granada, will be here 8 weeks. i am learning spanish here. i would like to meet some locals, necesito mucha practicar mi espanol.. so, if theres anyone interested in helping me with spanish, i would be so happy to meet up...

muchas gracias!

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language immersion

dear all,

i really need help now,,

i am goin to take the summer program, like a short course for the summer, to learn spanish..

so i got 2 offers,

one is to stay for few months in granada,, i have a good friend of mine from granada,, they said its a very nice town, and people are so friendly, also a student city..

2nd is to stay in vitoria. i also have a friend, he used to be my spanish mentor here in jakarta. he would let me stay with his parents as they dont speak english at that way i could immerse with the language and culture as vitoria is also very beautiful..

ok so i am now pretty confuse as i never been in spain before.
so my questions would be,,

which you think better?
if i wanna learn the language also to immerse with the culture,,
should i stay longer in vitoria or granada?

i am concerned as well about the accent,, which is easier to understand, and it might effect me as well, as i will learn first from them,, i might end up having the same accent as they have,,

so i really really need opinion,, plus,, if you guys have any other alternatives of where i should learn it..

i am looking forward to receiving any answers here..

thanks alot!

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Yogyakarta trip this weekend

Hello all,
I'm goin to yogjakarta fri-sun.
I'm goin to the buddhist festival..
I'd like to know Any nice restaurant to go for dinner..
And if there's any interesting placeS to see that you really recomend there in Jogjakarta and surround
and if there's anyone know any yoga studio around jogja

Plus if any of you guys wanna hang out would be fun to meet up!

Thx anyway for giving feedback
really appriciate it..