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PhD holder, Lecturers/Associate/Assistant Professors

"For Male only and nursing related field"

It is an opportunity to work in Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia-City of Dammam. This post is for people who are willing to establish new college of nursing and support the future development of college of nursing in the university. Applicants must possess a relevant degree from an accredited institution as well as appropriate teaching and/or industrial experience. They are expected to teach at University level, conduct scientific research and undertake other academic and administrative duties, as required by the University. Successful applicants will be offered posts as Associate/Assistant Professors or Lecturers/Instructors depending on qualifications and experience. English is the medium of instruction, and the University is seeking to recruit distinguished faculty in college of nursing.

Salary and Benefits: Two-year renewable contract. competitive salaries based on qualifications and experience. Tax Free, Free housing with free essential utilities and maintenance or housing allowance as per University policy. The appointment includes the following benefits according to the University's policy: air tickets to Dammam on appointment, annual repatriation air tickets for up to four persons, assistance with local tuition fees for school-age dependent children; local transportation allowance; two months' paid summer leave & end-of-service gratuity. The University of Dammam has a range of facilities including, computing, research and teaching laboratory facilities.

To apply: Send (preferably by e-mail) cover letter, detailed resume,copies of credentials (academic degree/s & transcript/s) and three references to:
University of Dammam
College of Nursing
E Mail: fhaied @

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Sara1980 wrote:

Hi all,
I with my colleagues we are 3 would like to visit Paris
I am just wondering  g about the how much money we should carry with us, how much we will spend on the food and transportation
we are planning to stay for 10 days
I want to know about the places in Paris I checked some sites and they offer cheap hotels rents but Iam not sure if they are in a safe area or not
We need help to visit Paris,


How r u?

Do not worry people used to love and marry each other since the creation of this earth and life.

I would suggest that you just read my quote

Be who you are. Do not panic. Human being can live in any spot on this earth. The secret key is adjusting process. Being patient is a vital role in enjoying life. I experienced the life from the very conservative community to the very and more than open communities.

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It is the best place for people who are looking for good linked family environment. It is totally new life style which you will not forget it in whole your life. The 100% holiest Islamic land in the wolrd.