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gkj posted on the thread Best value supermarket on the Noumea forum

The Saturday morning market at Ducos seems to be better priced for fruit and vegetables than the one in town. I tend to go with convenience though and pay the extra...

gkj posted on the thread Pregnancy in Noumea on the Noumea forum

Hi Christine, I haven't had a baby in Noumea, but a few friends have. Nicky in Noumea wrote a really good blog post about it that you can find here: nickyinnoumea.blogspot.com/2010/01/having-baby-in-noumea.html One option that Nicky doesn't mention is hiring a private midwife. This is a good option if you want are seeking a midwife led pregnancy and birth :) I hope that helps :) Cheers, Gemma

gkj posted on the thread Playgroup meet up on the Noumea forum

Hi Julie, Welcome to Noumea! I'm Australian and have 3 kids (5.5 years, 3.5 years and 1.5 years). The playgroup still occurs on Wednesday when there is no rain :) It starts around 4pm usually. Feel free to PM me and I can give you my number. I don't get there very often but I know the families who do and can include you on the mailing list if you send me your email address :) Cheers, Gemma

This blog is about my family's life in Noumea, New Caledonia. Before we moved to Noumea I found very little information in English about life in Noumea, so I am doing my best to help fill the void. We moved to Noumea with a baby, a toddler and a preschooler, only Mr Husband spoke French. The transition has been tough but we love life in the Pacific! Drop by and say hello :)