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AuNordDuMonde posted on the thread Job Searching Very Frustrated! on the Norway forum

The economy is becoming more difficult these days. It maybe good to discuss and call those that I have not taken your CV, saying you are ready to work for maybe a little less than your qualification would allow. The problem you have happens to many here that are overqualified and have difficulties finding a job.

AuNordDuMonde posted on the thread Psychology Jobs in Norway on the Norway forum

If you want to work in forensic psychology, the job possibilities are quite limited as few of such positions exist. I am not sure they would use a foreigner for those anyway, even if by law they could.

More generally, Norway is lacking psychologist and the like, there are long waiting queues, both in the private and public sector. Since it is such a specialized field, it would be good though to discuss with professionals of the sectors, you may find contacts at their professional association:

AuNordDuMonde posted on the thread Working Limit of student. on the Norway forum

Yes UDI is quite strict and may refuse you the visa. They have made this rule to prevent foreign workers to misuse the student status to get a full time job. However, if you can prove you are really a student and that you actually need that money to pay for studies and cost of living, it should go ok. Just be prepared to submit some documentation and maybe the visa process to take a little more time.

AuNordDuMonde posted on the thread Winter Vacation Nextweek on the Oslo forum

You are entitled to 25 vacation days per year if you started before 30/09 last year. You can take them in agreement with your host family

AuNordDuMonde posted on the thread Vivre en Norvège on the Norvège forum


Il faudrait un peu plus d'information pour pouvoir vous aider. Notamment si vous avez ou pas une nationnalite de l'UE, si vous avez deja trouve un travail ici ...

AuNordDuMonde posted on the thread Norway Jobs for non-norwegian speakers on the Norway forum

Most of the persons I know working here and not speaking Norwegian have been brought to the country by their company. Usually because they are experts in certain areas or because the companies in questions have some exchange/expat programs.

AuNordDuMonde posted on the thread immigré en norvège on the Oslo forum


La Norvege est pratiquement le pays le plus chers du monde. il fut venir ici seulement si on est sur de trouver un travail. Il y a beaucoup d'autres postes qui décrivent les couts et dépenses habituelles. Les études sont gratuites mais il faut pouvoir vivre et se loger aussi.

AuNordDuMonde posted on the thread agriculture et peche en norvege on the Norvège forum

Il y a du travail dans les deux domaines mais aussi beaucoup de concurrence car ici nombreux sont les polonais, ressortissant des etats baltes qui travaillent dans ces domaines. L'agriculture emploie souvent des saissonniers mais c'est un monde un peu special, il semble que les regles d'emplois ne soient pas toujours respectees ... Mais si tu viens en Norvege, fait un tour dans les fermes et discutent avec les exploitants.

AuNordDuMonde posted on the thread Projet expat' Norvège infos on the Norvège forum


Il y a une grande difference entre les deux pays.

1) Si on regarde les chiffres la situation est plutot bonne ici mais avec la baisse des cours du petrole et le pic petrolier en Norvege, cela risque de changer tres rapidement. Beaucoup d'enteprises du petrole commence a licencier, ce qui a un impact sur toutes l'economie.

2) Il faut parler norvegien pour avoir un emploi dans ces domaines, a moins d'avoir une qualification tres specialisee.

3) Idem, il faut parler norvegien. Vivre en Norvege sans avoir un salaire est vraiment difficille, le coup de la vie est tres elevee

4) Non, c'est comme l'UE ou presque ici

Bon courage!