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Je suis desole mais avec la crise petroliere et l'absence de maitrise des langues, cela semble bien compromis comme projet

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Lots of spam you got as answers it seems ...

Anyway, you have the choice to camp along the road as many do, or here you have a lot of suggestions for accomodations
Some are expensive, some are rather cheap, depending what you are looking for. I did a big part of it but I have been only camping or using the DnT hytte close to the way


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fornight wrote:

Hi, please note that any reimbursement of expenses such as phone etc are subjected to income tax.

Sometimes it might be better to pay your own expenses.

In most of the case the benefits you get are still much higher than the tax cost.

As for the OP question, the salary is a bit on the lower band but not unacceptably low. Especially in the today's context of raising unemployement

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There is no real advantage of resigning, you should take the package they will have to offer for your dismissal. Although the money may not be so big,depending on your tenure, it is still something. There should be also a proper process in deciding who should leave as there are rules for this sort of things,

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Ca devient vraiment complique maintenant avec la crise petroliere, le chomage augmente vraiment beaucoup chaque mois et les emplois sont le plus souvent donnes a des norvegiens, du coup c'est dur pour les etrangers.

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Les prix de l'immobiliers que vous evoquez sont raisonnables pour la campagne norvegienne, c'est plutot la vie de tous les jours qui risquent d'etre chere, surtout de nourrir les chiens.

Il y a un francais qui fait cela en Norvege, peut etre vous devriez pendre contact avec lui?

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There are really a lot of good ones, depend also which area is your contract, at work we use alternatively either
Hjort DA or Haavind AS, which are both very good and reliable

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Here your kid would go to a kindergarten, which is not a school. It's more a day care so you can't think of it having a curriculum like what you would see in India or some other countries. They just play and have fun. You will find the system extremely relaxed compare to India. The cost for a public kindergarten is 28K NOK per year. I guess the international school there has also it's own facilities, but I am not sure what they offer.

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Il faut parler norvegien (niveau Bergen test) et les diplomes etrangers ne sont pas toujours bien reconnus. Le salaire est d'environ 400-500K NOK par an

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If you are from outside the EU, a residence permit in the EU does not give you the possibility to move to Norway, if you have to apply for residence the normal way

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Getting the visa on this type of business will be a bit complicated, if not impossible. There are also a set of rules/laws regarding B&B and it is not easy to rent and then sub-rent for this purpose. The tax law in this area is rather complicated.

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I am not sure you will find anything really cheap or affordable over here :) However, that shop,, usually ha things around 30% cheaper at what you find in the regular shops around the city, at least based on my experience.

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Just to add on the fees, you pay per year the first 2 670 NOK of medical expense, after all is free except most medications that are not covered by system. Dental care is not covered at all. In case of pregnancy, everything is free.

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Looking in google with the jeywords like best studenthus oslo will bring you a wealth of forum. google translate can help for the Norwegian.

No I don't work in this branch :)

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I would choose a student home if you can get one. There is a shortage of those, so it's not always possible. Student life is quite good in Oslo and it's a nice way to meet plenty of new persons. It's hard to advise on which ones, there are many forum that debating those which are the best. I would aim for either the newly build ones or for Krinjå that is just near by the forest.

As a web-developper you should get more than 120-130 per hour :)

10K NOK per month is ok but it will depend a lot on your alcohol consumption, which is the most expensive thing for students here

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Beside the international school, some of the Oslo public schools (free) propose the International baccalaureate (IB) curriculum where the teaching is done in English except for Norwegian classes. I have a friend who was not a Norwegian speaker who took these classes.
Below is the list of schools that proposes IB, but I recommend you contact them to know whether it is the full version of IB or the light one. … calaureate

As for the international school, it is quite expensive but have a very good reputation.