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La Norvege est pratiquement le pays le plus chers du monde. il fut venir ici seulement si on est sur de trouver un travail. Il y a beaucoup d'autres postes qui décrivent les couts et dépenses habituelles. Les études sont gratuites mais il faut pouvoir vivre et se loger aussi.

AuNordDuMonde posted on the thread agriculture et peche en norvege on the Norvège forum

Il y a du travail dans les deux domaines mais aussi beaucoup de concurrence car ici nombreux sont les polonais, ressortissant des etats baltes qui travaillent dans ces domaines. L'agriculture emploie souvent des saissonniers mais c'est un monde un peu special, il semble que les regles d'emplois ne soient pas toujours respectees ... Mais si tu viens en Norvege, fait un tour dans les fermes et discutent avec les exploitants.

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Il y a une grande difference entre les deux pays.

1) Si on regarde les chiffres la situation est plutot bonne ici mais avec la baisse des cours du petrole et le pic petrolier en Norvege, cela risque de changer tres rapidement. Beaucoup d'enteprises du petrole commence a licencier, ce qui a un impact sur toutes l'economie.

2) Il faut parler norvegien pour avoir un emploi dans ces domaines, a moins d'avoir une qualification tres specialisee.

3) Idem, il faut parler norvegien. Vivre en Norvege sans avoir un salaire est vraiment difficille, le coup de la vie est tres elevee

4) Non, c'est comme l'UE ou presque ici

Bon courage!

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Le process est relativement bien explique en ligne par NOKUT. Il faut faire traduire ses diplomes par un traducteur officiel, soit en anglais (moins chers parfois), soit en Norvegien. NOKUT revois les documents et posent eventuellement des questions. Cela va assez vite normalement.

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The registration process is relatively easy. You could start with a ENK type of company that does not require capital and very little registration fee. See Brønnøysundregistrene for the process. Creating an AS is a little more complicated so maybe it is best to start by an ENK. VAT registration is mandatory if you invoice more then NOK 50K, you can start invoicing before the registration process is completed and then retroactively adjust the invoices.

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Meme si les metiers regaliens (police, pompier, armee, douanes) sont theoriquement ouverts aux ressortissants de l'union europeenne, dans les faits, il n'y a jamais eu de recrutements d'etrangers. Il faut la nationalite pour occuper un de ces metiers, meme en ayant des qualifications tres specialisees.

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As you can read in many other threads on the forum, it is not easy to find jobs in Norway, especially these days. Learning Norwegian would be a good start so it will open many jobs, even without qualifications. The other possibility is to use your network, eventually the community/country where you are coming from. Most jobs in Norway are never advertized on internet, so you must heard of them through your friends.
Good luck

I can confirm dmcart13 post, the Norwegian residence permit does not extend the same rights for the Schengen area.

For the rest of your post, it's not always easy ti find a job here but working in computer and speaking Norwegian will help. Just remember that to get a work permit you need to work in some sort of qualified job. As for sponsoring and waiting, I think you have more chances finding something when you are here than from abroad. But remember that life is really expensive.

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If you have a permanent residence in Norway or with a work contract over one year (or without end), you cannot drive a foreign registered car. If you are controlled by the Police, they will take the car and to get it back you will have to pay the value of the car in fine. To who belong the car does not matter.

Some do run the risk of course and we hear stories in the expat community of people having their car seized, often being denounced by their neighbors. Also, I am not sure how this will work from an insurance point of view if you are involved in an accident.

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Studies are indeed free and what you describe for visa is correct. There are many foreign students in Norway and many of them find a job, although there is always a time before you find the job in question and it's good to have savings. Life is expensive here. You will find many information on the forum for the cost of life, it varies a lot according to your life style. Usually jobs you get as a student are paid ca NOK 125-150 per hour, you have some taxes on top of this but not so much.

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It is very unlikely that an unpaid fine in Denmark will lead to a job permit refused in Norway. Only criminal convictions are shared by Police / justice in the Nordics

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The processing time in Oslo is much longer than 10 days. Some persons I know are waiting for several months now. Better you apply where you live, it will be easier if you are asked for an interview or need to deliver additional documents

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It's hard indeed for company to give a price without specification, also often a big part of the cost is linked to preparing the grounds, if you have to remove rocks, it could multiply the price of the house. All in all, it is often a little more expensive to build than to buy a wholly finished house but then you can get the house exactly the way you want.

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I can only encourage you to get in touch with DnT, the Norwegian hiking association. They maintain hiking path and cabins all around Norway. You visit their office in Stavanger, they will have plenty of hikes to advise, they also organize tours, of various length and also with diverse type of participants. … hp?fo_id=9

I would not suggest you should lie in any way to immigration officers. In any case, you cannot fly direct to Norway from Malaysia, that means you will most likely to fly to another European city before reaching Norway. Either the UK or one of the Schengen members. It is the immigration authorities in these countries that may frown upon the one-way ticket, not in Norway. I understand that due to many ilegal immigrants from Malaysia, the UK is stepping up border control measures.

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Ingnigear wrote:

"I don't know your background, but I doubt that you're going to walk into a position as a board member at the top of a Norwegian company, so I wouldn't worry about being put at a disadvantage :)"

Why do you feel like that? Why are you so disrespectful? I have been plant director for the last 5 years. I've worked in USA, UK and now in Berlin. So yes, I could perfectly take a board member position after all.

I am sure there was no disrespectful intention from sctld. If you would look at the statistic on board members for these companies that are governed by the quota law, you would see that the most likely problem to get such a position is not being a man but rather not being Norwegian. We have very few foreign board members here and when they are, they come from the Nordic countries.