Frequently asked questions

Administrative questions

Q1 Can you help me to live abroad?
A The expat blog website is made by expatriates, for expatriates. We are doing our best to help people who would like to live abroad.
Q2 Can you help me to get a visa?
A The most effective way to get a visa is to visit the closest embassy/consulate of the country you are planning a trip to.
Q3 Where can I ask questions about life abroad?
A You can ask your question in the expatriate forum. Note that you will have to register first Choose your destination and participate in the already existing thread or create a new one.
Q4 Can I participate even if I am not a blogger?
A Of course you can! Everyone can participate.
Q1 How can I add my blog to the directory?
A You will have to log in or register first, then to fill out this form
Q2 How can I add the expat blog logo to my blog or website?
A Simple and easy! Choose the logo you want and add the appropriate embedded code:

<a href="" title="Expat"><img src="" border="0" alt="Expat" /></a>

for this logo:

More colours?

You will find the code for all these logos here

or this code:

<a href="" title="Expat"><img src="" width="80" height="15" border="0" alt="Expat" /></a>

for this one:

Thanks for promoting our website!

Q3 How did you get the flag signature?
A Click on the "My Path" tab on your profile page and fill out the fields to indicate the countries you have lived in. Your signature will be generated automatically with the corresponding flags.
Q4 How can I modify my profile?
A Once identified, click on the drop down menu close to your username at the right top of the page. Then, click on "Edit details" ( View). Make the necessary changes and click on "Submit".
If you want to modify your username or delete your account, please contact us.
Q5 How can I modify my blog information?
A You can modify your blog data from your profile page. In your timeline, clik on the “Blog” tab: you should see a “Modify” button.
Q6 How to change my password?
A You can change your password from your profile page (section Personal details) by clicking on “Change password”. To validate the changes, click on “Submit” at the end of the page.
Q7 I forgot my password. How can I go to my profile?
A When you sign in ( View), click on "Forgotten your password?" ( View). Type your e-mail address. A link to change your password will be sent in your mailbox. Then, click on the link enclosed in the mail to create your new password.
Q8 How to delete my account?
A If you want to delete your account, please contact us. Do not forget to indicate your username and your mail address in your message.
Q9 I can't send private messages anymore: what happened?
A If you have sent the same message to several users, your private mailbox will automatically be blocked in order to reduce the number of spam. If you want to know how to unblock your private mailbox, check our anti spam system and rules.
Q10 I receive some improper mails in my private mailbox. How can I stop them?
A If you are bothered by this kind of mail, please inform us by clicking on the Report button
Q11 What do you mean by this website is under development?
A We are improving the website regularly, and we are also working on new features, in order to help expatriates
Q1 How to participate in the forum?
A You can participate in the already existing threads or create a new one. First of all, choose a destination in our expat forum ( View).
To join a discussion, click on "Post reply" ( View).
If you want to create a new one, click on "Post a new topic" ( View).
Q2 I want to create a new discussion and I am asked to choose a topic category: what does it mean?
A In order to enable you to easily access to the information on living abroad, we offer you a classification of the discussions by category ( View). When you create a new topic, please select the appropriate category.
Q3 How can I be informed of new posts in a discussion?
A If you want to be notified by mail of new posts in a discussion or a forum, click on "Subscribe" ( View) ok mer.
You can manage your subscriptions from your profile. In the section "My subscriptions" ( View), you will find a list of all the forums and topics you have subscribed to. You can also subscribe to new forums or unsubscribe from topics or forums.
Q4 How to find information about living abroad?
A You can have a look at the whole discussions about the destination of your choice. If you are interested in a specific topic (e.g.: work, health, etc.), you can click on the topic category of your choice to have access directly to all the threads dealing with that subject, for the destination you have chosen.

You can also use the custom search engine, at the right top of your screen. Type the keyword(s) of your choice as well as the destination. A list of results will be displayed. Click on one of these results to go the corresponding page.
Q5 How to contact the members of our expatriate network?
A We offer you to get in touch with expatriates all over the world. In our "Network" section, choose a destination. You can also browse the expatriates by nationality. To get in touch with one of them, you can add the member of your choice in your contact list or send him a private message.
Q6 I want to post a classified: how can I do?
A You can post free ads on our website. Go on the "Classifieds" section, click on "Post a free ad" and fill the form. Do not forget to delete your old classifieds when outdated.
We invite you to post your job ads in the Jobs section.
If you are offering or looking for an accommodation, please post in the Housing section.
Q7 How can I modify or delete my ads?
A If you want to modify or delete one of your ads, go on your profile page. Select the relevant tab on your timeline: "Classifieds", "Housing" or "Jobs" to see the list of your ads. Click on "Modify" or "Delete". Once updated, your ad will be validated before released online.
Q8 I want to write an article for the participative guide: how can I do?
A To write an article in our living abroad participative guide, click on Write an article and complete the form. The articles must focus on living abroad and expatriation.
Q9 I want to share my pictures. How can I publish them on
A To add a picture to our album, your first have to go to our Pictures section. Click on Add a picture and follow the instruction. The pictures must be under 5Mo. We only accept .jpg, .png and .gif extension files. You must be the author of the pictures: we don't accept photos taken from other websites or taken by professionals.
Q10 When I post a classified, register my blog or publish my photos, why can't I see them immediately on the website?
A Before being posted online, our team validates your classifieds, blogs, photos and articles for the guide. This can take up to 48h.
Q11 How to send a private message?
A In your mailbox, click on "New message" ( View). Type the name of the member or members, separated with comas, you want to send the mail to. If the member is already in your contact list, select his name in the drop-down menu ( View). Then, type your message and click on "Send".
Q12 How to add a contact?
A To communicate more quickly via private messages with other members, you can add them to your contact list. You just have to click on the "Add to contacts" ( View) link on the profile page of the member. The member will have to confirm your request before you can see him in your contact list.
Q1 How can I contact the expat blog team?
A You can use our contact form
Q1 Is it possible to promote my services / company on
A Yes. We have several local / global solutions for you. Please have a look at our Advertising section and contact us to find out more.
Q1 I would like to register my business: how should I do?
A You are a professional and you want to promote your products and services among our expatriates community. You need to go on the Business Directory page and click on Register my business. Fill in the information about yourself and choose between a premium account to benefit from all our features or a basic free account.
Q2 I am an individual and I would like to list a business. Am I able to do so?
A You can register a business which services or products you particularly enjoy. You just have to go on the Business Directory page and click on Recommend a business. You must indicate the business exact name, its postal address as well as a phone number.
Q3 What are the advantages of a Premium account?
A By opting for a premium account, you benefit from all the features offered by the Business Directory. You can present your products and services on a dedicated page, with your logo, photos, website and much more.
Q4 What do you mean by "Recommend a business"?
A If you appreciate a business and you would like to tell the other members of Expat blog about it, you can recommend it. It enables you to help promoting this business and share your favourite address with us.
Q5 I can't find my profession: can I register my business though?
A We progressively add categories and professions to the business directory. In the meanwhile, you can add your activity in the registration form.
Q6 I am a professional and somebody else has already listed my company. How can I modify the information about my business?
A If you want to modify or add information about your business, please contact us.
Q7 My business has not been accepted in the directory. What are the criteria?
A Your business can be rejected for several reasons. Here are some of the most frequent ones:

- Your physical address is not valid (be careful to not put your e-mail or website address instead)

- Your e-mail address has not been validated: the registration is not automatic once the form completed. You should imperatively validate your mail address via the e-mail we sent you to complete your registration.

- Your business does not fit with our criteria: if your activity might not interest our expatriate community, we would not be able to add it up to the directory. We thank you for your kind understanding.