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Vaud (4)
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added on 02/19/2014
Brewing for something better in life. Chill. Don?t you think it is nice to catch up with friends in endless talks about life and everything else over a cup of coffee? It?s one of the things I like doing but since we?re all busy creatures, sometimes there?s a miniscule chance to sit down, relax and share what we have in mind. Life nowadays has been more like a coffee-to-go. Tasty it is but fast and fleeting. This is why I gave birth to this blog. I started blogging in 2009 and since then, I never looked back. By late 2011, I made a big change. My blog moved to a better space carrying a brand new name. I hope I can transform this blog into more than a personal space of mine where not only I share my own stories and interests, but also initiate ideas and create projects in pursuit of learning and making a difference. Change is good! So let?s see how it goes. Why coffeechat with perpie? Obviously, I love coffee. It?s hard to imagine I go through the day without a cup. Admittedly I am an information junkie. Sharing and blogging about all the topics that interest me give me the fix. I must have been a curator in my previous life! On one fine indian summer day, there?s a name I wanted to make a comeback. It?s Perpie! The sharing starts here.
added on 12/06/2013
Getting Close to is an online travel video series with an unexpected approach to capturing the sights and sounds of destinations and locals. We’ve all seen photos and videos of amazing places so repeatedly they’ve turned into clichés. Getting Close to does away with the typical tourist guide recommendations. It explores destinations in a way that real-life stories unfold, often with humourous effect! Whether in a new city or at home, adventure is found in the most unexpected people and places. After watching you will never want to travel the same way again!
added on 08/27/2013
by: arylana
This blog summarises what I see, hear, touch and taste in "der Schweiz". Enjoy :) ---------------- and if you have any question about living here or visiting this gorgeous country, feel free to drop me a message.
added on 04/23/2013
I am Dutch, but have been living abroad for the past eight years. I have lived in England, Italy and am currently based in Switzerland. I write about expat life in general and about the adjustments that we make as a family in particular
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