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added on 08/29/2011
I moved to Rome seven years ago, and every day I fall more in love with this fascinating city, even if at times the bureaucracy gets me down. This is an ode to the eternally enthralling Eternal City, complete with musings on history, art, food, books, beauty, curiosities and, every so often, a peek into the life of a Roman transplant.
added on 07/16/2011
So you are now in Florence. And you find out that you are in the most boring town in Europe. You are immersed in an environment focused on conservation. You are surrounded by old stuff. Soon you find that Internet will not help you to find your way around (provided you manage to get internet at all). Yes, you despair. To help you out, this blog will bring you 99 ways to quell the pain residing in Florence!
added on 07/10/2011
by: tesskey
It all started out as a story telling about my adventures in Italy, and slowly became a place to discuss the cultural differences between Sweden and Italy, traveling, relationships, art and love. Beeing a latvian-swedish girl in Italy isn't always easy, but most of the time it's amazingly fun and filled with adventures and surprises.
added on 07/06/2011
An artist blogging her journey about travels, experiences, places, thoughts, inspirational findings & art.. with images, videos and journal entries. Follow the journey :)
added on 07/01/2011
Firenze Moms 4 Moms Network was setup to assist English speaking Expat mothers in Florence and the surrounding areas. This network was organized in 2004 to give information that is helpful for English speaking moms that are trying to raise children in Italy. We know how hard it is to move to another country, let alone with little children. This site is designed to give mothers information needed for raising their children while living in beautiful Firenze, Italy. Our website contains events and other activities that you might find useful in socializing with other moms. By participating in the Network activities you can interact with other moms that are going through the same experiences you are going through. It is also a good way to find your children some English speaking friends.
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