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Living the Good Life in Cotacachi, Ecuador

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Cotacachi or Ibarra, Ecuador - Best Places for Expats  Posted on 05/10/2015
A recent post on the Cotacachi Expat’s Facebook page regarding living in the town of Ibarra received quite a few responses. Ibarra is a small city located about 30 minutes by bus from Cotacachi. The elevation of Ibarra is a bit...
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Ticket to Ecuador  Posted on 10/02/2014
Blog Categories: MiscellaneousIn an era of low interest rates, it is hard to find a place to park your money and get anything in return.  However, for those looking for an alternative to buying an airline ticket to Ecuador, there...
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Nostalgia  Posted on 09/10/2014
Blog Categories: Miscellaneous  My wife and I recently came across an old videotape of our first visit to Cotacachi in 2008 that caused us to reflect on all the changes that have occurred over the past few years.  In those days,...
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New digital currency  Posted on 08/11/2014
Blog Categories: Miscellaneous  Ecuador recently announced that they plan to create their own digital currency that can be used for transactions within Ecuador. The new currency will be backed by the Ecuadorian Central Bank, and it is...
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HOA's  Posted on 06/17/2014
Blog Categories: Housing    Those who own real estate and have experience with homeowners' associations in the States know that they often come with their share of headaches. Collecting dues and making sometimes...
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Live in or Outside of Town?  Posted on 03/16/2014
Blog Categories: Housing  Cotacachi is a small town.  That makes it very easy to get anywhere easily on foot.  Unless you are carrying things, it is usually not necessary to ever take a taxi in town.  Just be sure to...
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The Food Just Tastes Different  Posted on 02/25/2014
Blog Categories: Food  The food just tastes different in Ecuador.  I can't tell you exactly how, just that it is better.  I don't know if it is what the chickens are fed that make the eggs better or if it is the...
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