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The Scottish Nomad

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added on 12/09/2012 by: scottishnomad
My name is Danielle and for the most part I live in my own fantasy world. When I'm not doing that I spend my time travelling, teaching and writing about all the weird and wonderful experiences I have while out on the road. Come and read about my appendicitis in China, the time I met the leader of the communist party in Zhejiang province, the night I partied with a Tibetan Rastafarian and discover exactly what scorpion tastes like. Currently I am living in South America in Buenos Aires and will hopefully have many adventures yet to come
 tags: expat life, food, restaurant reviews, teaching abroad, travel advice

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Honeymoon in a hostel / Scottish Nomad Blog  Posted on 04/14/2013
We began our “honeymoon” in a slightly unusual manner….sharing our room with two other backpackers. We decided to spend part of our honeymoon in a hostel in a bid to have maximum time enjoying ourselves in the most...
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Pigeons, Politics and Peronists  Posted on 01/09/2013
Last year I ended the year by reflecting on my progress and life goals from the past year and trying to put into place some plans for the next. I have made a very clear rule that when making resolutions they never include the words...
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New Year’s resolutions 2012  Posted on 01/01/2013
So, now it is the end of the year and the time to make those pesky new year’s resolutions. I have fond memories of the last post that I wrote like this when I spent new year in China and I spent some time contemplating my...
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The Iguazu falls / The Scottish Nomad  Posted on 12/27/2012
There was not a car, nor a honking horn, nor a hint of pollution anywhere in the air. The sense of excitement that we felt arriving in THE Iguazu Falls after spending a few months in the city was palpable. Finally, some time to breathe...
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Agoutis, Coatis y Toucanos…Oh my!  Posted on 12/27/2012
There was not a car, nor a honking horn, nor a hint of pollution anywhere in the air. The sense of excitement that we felt arriving in Iguazu after spending a few months in the city was palpable. Finally, some time to breathe freely...
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From Buenos Aires to El Calafate / The Scottish Nomad  Posted on 12/21/2012
It had finally stopped raining but that didn’t stop the relentless icy wind that whipped around my face turning my nose a sexy rudolf red. My stomach churned again. Why, oh why, did everything in my life have to involve a boat in...
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Best places to get married in Brazil  Posted on 10/30/2012
Beaches, bikinis, the girl from Ipanema and…marriage? Let’s be honest. Brazil is BIG. It seems even bigger when you consider that the whole of Europe can fit inside of Brazil.   That leaves a whole lot of possibilities to...
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Racism and discrimination in Argentina  Posted on 09/15/2012
This weekend I decided that I wanted to go and try a new restaurant and so headed into town to one of the local eateries. Now, imagine my surprise when I was handed a menu in English. Interesting, I thought to myself as all of the other...
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Cosmetic dentistry in Buenos Aires  Posted on 09/12/2012
Have you been neglecting your teeth? Or looking to have some dental work in another country? Well, after a year of living in Australia where dental care is absolutely ridiculously priced I had been. However, now it seemed the time had come...
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  • Pebbalita
    Pebbalita 21 November 2012 15:32:39

    Shame Clonmel..I was always intrigues about Argentins ! planned a visit I know live in Costa rica ex pat Brit/USA ..21 years and truth is they ALL think we have dollar trees in our backyard ..Sorry to hear Argentina is the same ..maybe the Latina mentality ?? However cheaper to live here and a lot nicer weather ..WHERE would you live if given a choice ? I know there is no Utopia ..and I have traveled to MANY countries ..this I found best so far..but ready for retire and a change of scenery

  • Dannni
    Dannni 24 October 2012 20:46:57

    i like tht ive been to argentina once and its nice ....so thts how it should be live ourlife as we want to . treavel ,meet ppl, learn everyday from evryone and mayb someday understand this world ... greetings form peru SA

  • clonmel
    clonmel 05 October 2012 03:32:45

    I like your post on Argentina.I\'ve been living here for nearly six years and to be honest I can\'t stand the place,I\'m only here because my kids like their school.I have a little bakery and shop in padua and I am constantly being robbed by outsiders and staff.People think because i\'m Irish i\'m made of money and are always looking for ways to take it.The biggest problem this country has is it\'s goverment and all in it including the presidentthey have no interest in the people just lining there pockets.So how do you like it here.

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