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Before We Age

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The Detour Ends: Destination Ohio  Posted on 05/11/2014
On May 13, 2011, we announced our plans to move from Los Angeles to Ohio by way of Buenos Aires. We didn’t have all the details worked out, but we knew this: Our hope is to live and work in Buenos Aires between 10 months to 2 years....
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Arriving in March!  Posted on 12/15/2013
Charles Matias (“Charlie Matu”) Callender This Christmas season, we are counting our blessings, and anticipating saying “hola!” to this little guy definitely tops the list. After our initial dazed and giddy shock of...
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Easter Renewal (Or Listen to Your Grand-dad)  Posted on 04/01/2013
One of the challenges in our last days before moving to Argentina was struggling to answer many of the shall we say… specific … questions from family and friends.  But a year and a half later, there’s one I still...
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A Wedding on Bales of Hay  Posted on 03/18/2013
Did you hear the story about the Canadian who married a Brit in Argentina? Yeah, me neither, but I’m sure this story is better anyway. On January 5, 2013, two of our friends, Paul and Emma, got married on the grounds of a polo club...
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The New Home Office  Posted on 03/15/2013
We haven’t shared with you yet that we moved again in January (#5 since August 2011). There’s more on that to come, I promise. Meanwhile, here’s a sneak peek. This is my new home office/table. Maggie painted the chairs...
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Cut Your Own Slice  Posted on 03/14/2013
We ordered pizza tonight and once again forgot to ask them to cut it. I’m not sure why someone wouldn’t want their pizza delivered already sliced. Cracks me up. Filed under: Food
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Dollars to Argentine Pesos through Xoom  Posted on 12/16/2012
We arrived to Buenos Aires somewhat clueless of the rapid inflation and high prices. I had always thought people were exaggerating about how quickly the prices of everyday products increase, but now, the reality of 20-30% inflation is real...
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Found: An English (and Spanish) Church in Buenos Aires  Posted on 10/01/2012
It took nearly ten frustrating months of bouncing around Sunday to Sunday before we finally found a church community here in Buenos Aires that offers us a chance to be involved, make friends with people our age, speak English and Spanish,...
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A Long Weekend in Montevideo, Uruguay  Posted on 08/19/2012
Another three months went by since we last hopped the border into Uruguay to renew our tourist visas in Buenos Aires. For this trip, we went to Montevideo, Uruguay, and had a fun time in a city that goes to sleep much earlier than Buenos...
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  • danielba
    danielba 26 March 2012 16:54:03

    Very expensive city! I agree..


  • Jerry 20 February 2012 16:38:08

    When I moved to BA in April 2003, this was certainly one of the cheapest cities in the World in which to live. Now, it is fast becoming one of the most expensive. Nothing is subtle. They raised subway fares by 126% (still low) and they are planning to raise utility rates by 400% !! You had better bring a lot more $$$ than you had planned.

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