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A wildlife surprise in Bicheno  Posted on 08/16/2014
Because I never went to Bicheno with the intention of seeing anything or anyone other than my friend, and to avoid the storms that were starting to whip the southeast corner of Tasmania. Having had enough chills for a lifetime, …...
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Glow Worms and More at Mount Field National Park  Posted on 05/31/2014
Two things happened after dark at Mount Field National Park, and both weren’t even the main sight, scenery or tourist attraction. Firstly, Tasmanian pademelons appeared at the fringe of the forest. As my eyes adjusted to the...
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Does It Really Get Cold in Australia?  Posted on 05/12/2014
I had been warned: it will be cold. Wanting to keep my luggage to a minimum I partially ignored the warnings. February in Australia, the end of summer, would surely still feel like summer, at least a little bit, right? … Continue...
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Why the Police Came After Me in Tasmania  Posted on 05/09/2014
I’ve never been in trouble with the police, but I guess there’s a first time for everything. Within a couple of days of being in the Australian state of Tasmania I’d had two run-ins with the authorities, both of which...
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Gambling with the Aussies on ANZAC Day  Posted on 05/05/2014
I lost it all. All the money in my wallet went in the time that it might take to make and drink a cup of tea. All I’d been trying to do was join in, to be part of a rowdy … Continue reading →
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Leaving, again  Posted on 03/24/2014
Does saying goodbye ever get any easier? It’s all a bit strange, this leaving thing, when you think about it. Traveller or expat, I’m sure we all feel it to varying degrees, this need to get on and do what … Continue...
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Travel word play on World Poetry Day 2014  Posted on 03/21/2014
The Greek philosopher Aristotle reckoned that ‘adventure is worthwhile’, thus giving travelling the thumbs up, while Edgar Allen Poe is quoted as saying that ‘to elevate the soul, poetry is necessary.’ Both are...
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