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Leaving, again  Posted on 03/24/2014
Does saying goodbye ever get any easier? It’s all a bit strange, this leaving thing, when you think about it. Traveller or expat, I’m sure we all feel it to varying degrees, this need to get on and do what … Continue...
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Travel word play on World Poetry Day 2014  Posted on 03/21/2014
The Greek philosopher Aristotle reckoned that ‘adventure is worthwhile’, thus giving travelling the thumbs up, while Edgar Allen Poe is quoted as saying that ‘to elevate the soul, poetry is necessary.’ Both are...
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5 benefits of family holidays  Posted on 03/09/2014
I consider myself extremely lucky. I love spending time with my family, particularly when I can steal them away for at least a few days so that it’s just us, where work and day-to-day distractions are wholly removed. As a …...
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The secrets of Amersfoort  Posted on 01/19/2014
I’m standing inside a room, if you can even call it that. It measures maybe two by three metres. My shoulders are hunched, my head lowered, and I’m listening to the house owner tell me how an entire, extended family …...
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The beauty spots of northeast England  Posted on 12/15/2013
The northeast of England is, despite what anyone might say, full of hidden beauty spots, should you care to look. My visit back to the UK coincided with the start of summertime and I wanted to show D-man a little … Continue reading...
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Going green in Gloucestershire  Posted on 11/03/2013
Sun blazing down on us, a bitey breeze keeping things cool, it was one of those perfect British days where you drink in the freshness of the air and turn your face up to a lightly white streaked sky. Marching … Continue reading...
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