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Infertility: Part 2  Posted on 02/10/2014
I've had two friends this weekend post links relating to the topic of infertility. The first was this: Your Infertility is Safe Here and second this: Infertility: Sometimes it Hurts to be a Mormon.Infertility is something I was never...
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10 Years  Posted on 02/06/2014
Photo by Kera of The Perfect Moment PhotographyStuart and I will have been married for 10 years in March which has given me pause for thought on many occasions throughout the last year. 10 years is HUGE!Neither of us would say we're...
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Mighty Mathis update  Posted on 05/29/2013
Mathis passed away yesterday morning peacefully, surrounded by his family. He was 8 months old and touched so many lives - he'll continue to touch lives forever too. What a giant.It's been hitting harder and harder just what a...
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Mighty Mathis  Posted on 05/27/2013
Yesterday was a really special day for us. It's one that although had Autumn screaming in the car for an hour will always be looked back on with extreme fondness. It was the kind of day you treasure.We drove down to Saratoga Springs...
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Five Year Plans  Posted on 05/06/2013
I woke up this morning thinking about 5 year plans. I always have goals and plans in the forefront of my mind. I like making lists and goals fit perfectly into lists.We've been married for 9 years now, we're almost at the end of...
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Normal  Posted on 04/10/2013
I never enjoyed school. I remember lying in bed as a little 5 year old, before my mum would come in to wake us to get up for school and feeling sick to my stomach thinking about the day ahead. I remember pulling the "I feel sick"...
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When I was wee: Travel and McDonald's  Posted on 03/15/2013
My brain is awful. It's never stored things like I'd like it to and I worry that by the time Autumn's asking me "what were you like when you were my age?" I'm going to have absolutely nothing to tell her....
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Autumn outtakes  Posted on 03/11/2013
I get so many funny outtake pictures of Autumn that I want to share but I know I already over share on my facebook, my photography facebook, instagram (my own sister stopped following me :-| ), and likely my photography website. No likely...
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3 years  Posted on 03/10/2013
6:30am on March 10th 2010 I left my little bungalow, and my little husby in California and flew home to Scotland on my own. It wasn't my first time traveling like that by myself but the circumstances made it scarier.I don't know...
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