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Outraged at Tree Removal  Posted on 10/09/2015
 I would hardly consider myself a tree-hugger, but I do love me some trees. And to see a huge, healthy and obviously old tree reduced to firewood in a day, in order to comply with “Mover a Mexico” the...
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Looking for that elusive great television series  Posted on 09/25/2015
Just so my seventeen faithful readers aren’t under the impression that the only thing on my radar is anything Yucatan-related, I hereby remind them that I can go off at length in other areas as well. This week I downloaded the first...
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The Heat  Posted on 09/10/2015
“It’s not every day that you feel like actually killing someone” an overheating Jack thought to himself as he looked in vain for a way to somehow maneuver around a fat woman in a black sleeveless top and red...
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The Casual Restaurant Critic visits Pilgreen  Posted on 09/07/2015
A hungry Better Half suggested this oddly-named place for lunch and the Critic found a pleasant locale, friendly service and tasty, fresh and healthy food. This visit occurred some time ago and so the actual names of the dishes ordered are...
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The Uman Police Stop  Posted on 09/06/2015
On the outskirts of that large small town called Uman, to the south of Merida, there is a small retén, a police roadblock manned un-imposingly by one or two members of the Uman municipal police force, a formidable foe feared...
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Why I Don’t Read the Newspaper – a Rant  Posted on 07/24/2015
Today, a copy of the Diario de Yucatan, once Merida’s more serious newspaper, entered my home and once again reaffirmed my belief that it is far better to ignore local news in any form because hearing, reading or seeing what is...
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Tropical Haiku – The Heat  Posted on 06/02/2015
At this time of the year, the Yucatan scrub forest turns brown, smoke plumes erupt and Yuum Kin turns up the volume, scorching the earth and challenging all life forms to figure out a way to deal with the battering ram of heat...
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The Glorious Hacienda Days  Posted on 05/08/2015
Two publications lay side by side on a battered wooden table among vintage postcards, old election campaign buttons and various odds and ends; all covered by a layer of dust that hadn’t stirred since 1967. “The...
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