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very simple,very easy,very good

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added on 14/09/2012 by: abby lee smith
Very Simple Very Easy Very Good, (VSVEVG) is about the shared life of artist and writer, Abby Smith and camposino and mezcalero, Felipe Pita Cruz in rural Mexico. This blog is about what it's like to live in the campo (country living en espanol), and our milagros and mishaps on the road to self sustainability.
 tags: animal husbandry, art, gardening-foraging, self-sustainablity, writing

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Year’s End Mexico Style: a Little Late.  Posted on 01/25/2015
It’s been awhile since I’ve written a farm update, so, I am very pleased to report we are 20 piglets more populated and—it was our best harvest ever! Our little plot produced four and a half tons of grain. I …...
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Can’t Plant Me in Your Penthouse  Posted on 01/13/2015
Going back to my plough… On my way home today. Corn and sorgum is harvested and ground, as you can see from the new header, the flowers and crops are gone. This is my favorite time of year. I will … Continue reading →
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Still Possible…  Posted on 01/08/2015
Recently, I had a dream, the climactic moment looked a lot like this. I wasn’t surprised when I woke and thought about it, because I had been memorizing Wildpeace, by Yehuda Amichia. It is the last poem in my series, … Continue...
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Invisible Before Us  Posted on 01/07/2015
The New Year dawns at the Piedra Rahada. I recite To the New Year, by W.S. Merwin   Hear it here.
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I Did It! (With A Lot Of Help From My Friends)  Posted on 12/31/2014
Broadcasting from the New Holland Well, I did it, I managed to memorize, recite and post 52 poems this year. I could not have done it without your support and interest. Really. I’m a basically lazy person, I would have …...
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Four…  Posted on 12/23/2014
Image courtesy of Alphacoders Poetry is many things: the meaning within the words, the meaning below, or above. A poem is an object, a form, with negative space and silence as important as the black marks and the telepathy that …...
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Speak with Stones  Posted on 12/22/2014
It’s been a rough year: illness and death, and, the just damn hard existence it is farming, and living in rural Mexico. I was looking at the “signs”, wondering… is it possible it’s time to leave? I like...
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The Countdown  Posted on 12/21/2014
Just six poems left in my year long poetry project, Where I Live: a Devotion to Poetry. Six… Left to Itself the Heart Could almost Melt, Mend by Jill Osier I have been caught by the night of my dress, have … Continue...
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Song in My Heart  Posted on 12/17/2014
My poetry project, Where I live: a Devotion to Poetry, wherein I memorize, recite and post 52 poems in 2014 is coming to an end…ahhh…I know I’m sad too. I chose the poems I did for lots of reasons: to...
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  • Bertha05
    Bertha05 19 September 2012 03:01:34

    Jajajaj it is good to know how you guys are getting involved in good and simple but important things We, Mexicans have in our hometown! ¡Gracias por recordarnoslo! porque a veces quieren que lo olvidemos

  • latigra
    latigra 20 October 2014 22:17:09

    Hi Bertha, sorry it took me so long to respond, I haven't been here for awhile. I'm glad you find vsvevg a reminder of something you value. Thanks for reading, paz, Abby

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