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What will I ever do with my life?

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Facebook fails (not mine, Mark Zuckerberg's)  Posted on 04/13/2012
I know what you're thinking, but no, no Facebooking while severely intoxicated again (I've mah-tured, I have, and I also seriously miss South African wines and their prices and have a hard time adjusting to the fact that of all...
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On prenatal testing and abortion  Posted on 02/29/2012
I couldn't keep motherhood completely out:There is a lot of stuff floating around these days regarding prenatal testing and, as always happens, almost in the same sentence, about abortion. Especially abortion and Down Syndrome.Just...
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A dose of badly executed and drivel-y CPR  Posted on 02/27/2012
At your own peril:It'll be a long and wine-y road back to blogging. You'll see.Now that I have delegated the pungent mommyness - shit, spit and all that gore - from this blog to my other place of neglect and randomness (not a...
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Struggling from ME to US via FUCK  Posted on 09/29/2011
Guess what, guys?I'm still fucking pregnant.Yes I am.Full 35 weeks, come tomorrow.With a big ole belly sticking out beyond my boobs, making it impossible for me to see what the bathroom scale has to say about my condition when I stand...
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  • danny da silva
    danny da silva 28 October 2010 18:44:08

    im also living at joburg.which side of joburg u living?i wanna know more bout u.im also a foreigner

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