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Through the Looking Glass

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added on 30/05/2006 by: alisacooper
Observations about traditions, foods, customs, language, beliefs, arts, popular culture, flora and occasionally current events. Each post focuses on one topic, relating it to my life in the united states or contrasting it with my preconcieved ideas. It is an exploration of my husband's country and culture, my new looking glass.

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Road: Like Willie Nelson and Canned Heat  Posted on 07/19/2007
I made a comment yesterday that came from taking stock of my activities over the last couple of weeks: I haven't devised, made, revised and crossed items off so many lists since Patricio and I planned our first big odyssey, namely,...
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Been Back  Posted on 07/15/2007
This past Monday, two orange-clad, barefoot and rough-toed Buddhist monks from Thailand elaborated on the finer points of basic meditation. We were a motley group of interested people, already considerably more relaxed after spending the...
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Eagle and Sun  Posted on 05/24/2007
Either, or. This, that. Here, there. Yes, no? Sometimes, a decision just needs help. A push toward one or the other, all responsibility placed outside--though technically on--the hands of those who want to decide. Let a little random...
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Masiosare  Posted on 05/17/2007
The neighborhood had been quieter since last Thursday, since school was out to bridge the long weekend between Mother's Day on the 10th and Teacher's Day, yesterday, on the 15th. Today sounded more like a Monday than a Wednesday,...
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Before Tunick, Sans Tunics  Posted on 05/09/2007
Patricio and I already had sentimental attachments to the Zócalo--the main plaza here in Mexico City, and once the very center of the Mexica world. It was often our nexus of special trips into the Centro, and became the glittering...
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Blessed Wood  Posted on 05/03/2007
The sounds of hammers and mallets coming from the catty-corner house-in-progress have been replaced today by the boom of fireworks overhead. The albañiles (often translated as "masons," the word really encompasses a much...
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Lion and Lamb  Posted on 04/26/2007
Moctezuma doesn't often take revenge on his own people, but every now and then, I suppose his spirit does come back to haunt the European genes in the mix. Patricio himself, who boasts a stomach of steel, is only now recovering from...
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Que Milagro  Posted on 04/25/2007
¡Qué milagro! I hear this every now and then, especially if I'm making a phone call. A lot of you know I'm not much one for dialed-up conversations, preferring the slow time of playing with words that an email often...
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Pedro Infante, Que Cante, Que Cante  Posted on 04/17/2007
Just like Patricio and I are prone to spontaneous bursts of dance, the cat and the car's interior are also often witness to our impulsive bits of song. And the top three melodies, with lyrics we'll sometimes change, would be...
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Tremble  Posted on 04/14/2007
Patricio and I were stretched out on the couch, me with my feet pressed against his calves to keep the toes from cold, and we were drifting while a late-night Chilean war movie played on Channel 11. Friday morning had just begun only half...
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