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Antonio Ramblés

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added on 21/04/2012 by: antonio1028
I’ve been a traveler to and within Mexico since 1975, and since 2007 have divided my time between a home on Mexico’s Lake Chapala and one in the Dallas, TX. I’m a frequent contributor to both Yelp! and TripAdvisor!
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Gone full circle  Posted on 02/24/2013
The Jalisco villages of Cajititlan and San Juan Evangelista face each other across a couple of kilometers of lake, but on the day of my visit they’re also separated by 300 years of Mexican history. I can’t take credit for...
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Fiesta! Día de la Candelaria  Posted on 02/23/2013
No less than for county fairs north of the border there’s both a sameness to Mexican village fiestas and yet always some feature that uniquely ties each to a single place.          Cajititlan’s fiesta...
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Mexico’s coded past  Posted on 02/17/2013
I’d have counted it a very rewarding day if it ended with my visit to the studio of barra (clay working) maestro Martín Ibarra Morales in Jalisco’s San Juan Evangelista. I turned out instead that the studio visit was but...
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Maestro in clay  Posted on 02/10/2013
I first met maestro Martín Ibarra Morales last November when – as one of the artisans invited to Ajijic’s annual Feria Maestros del Arte – he and his family were my houseguests. Martín is a clay sculptor...
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Chapalita’s glorious glorieta  Posted on 02/03/2013
Some of Guadalajara’s most memorable public art, like its monumental Minerva Fountain and the Niños Héroes statuary, are centerpieces for its traffic circles (glorietas).              ...
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Redeeming works  Posted on 01/20/2013
Santa Cruz de la Soledad is less than 4 kilometers east of Chapala, but by many measures it’s separated from Chapala by light years.  It sits back from the coastline, connected to a string of even more remote villages by a road...
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Los ancianos  Posted on 01/06/2013
Few contrasts between American and Mexican cultures are more striking than the way in which each views and treats its senior citizens.   America’s seniors are often cloistered in assisted living facilities or nursing homes far...
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Home grown arte  Posted on 12/23/2012
The moment that I walk through the doorway of Colon #15 only a few blocks from San Cristóbal Zapotitlán’s central plaza, I realize that the Ostrich Ranch tour is about to be displaced as the high point of my trip. The...
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Rancho de las Avestruces  Posted on 12/20/2012
I first meet Sandra Luz at in her market stall in Ajijic’s Friday Artisans’ Market surrounded by a seemingly eclectic combination of brightly colored feathers, candles and planters made of something too perfectly shaped to be...
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Guadalajara’s Santa Teresita bazaar  Posted on 12/02/2012
What happens when the village street bazaar goes urban?  In Guadalajara the answer is ‘the Santa Teresita street market’… a tianguis. There’s certainly no lack of ‘big box’ grocers in Guadalajara,...
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