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It is Suck  Posted on 04/05/2014
In South Korea, conformity is the name of the game. Anything that deviates from a very limited spectrum of acceptability is scorned, particularly when it comes to matters of appearance and style.Me: My jacket is very nice.Korean coworker:...
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Zhengzhou - China's Largest Ghost City  Posted on 04/04/2014
With their empty streets and their deserted buildings, ghost towns have always fascinated me . Desolate and decaying constructs leave a physical reminder of glory days that have been swept away by the winds of destiny, disuse, and...
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Colombo's Bat Park  Posted on 03/14/2014
Perhaps one of the stranger sights I witnessed in Colombo, apart from a solitary white woman who expertly used only her hands to devour a meal served on a banana leaf at a traditional Sri Lankan eatery, was a park in the middle of the city...
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Kaziranga - The Land of Rhinos  Posted on 02/17/2014
Kaziranga National Park and Tiger Reserve in Assam is famed for being home to two-thirds of the one-horned rhino population and having the highest ecological density of tigers of any protected area in the world. Elephants, water buffaloes,...
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Monkey King  Posted on 02/04/2014
I was having lunch at Hai Di Lao, my favourite hotpot restaurant in Shanghai. The broth can splatter onto diners, so a range of protective accessories from aprons to cellphone covers and hair bands are provided to patrons. Pretty Chinese...
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Dance Wance  Posted on 01/29/2014
Me: This year I need to find a job, meet a girl, get some muscles, and learn how to dance.Pretty Chinese Girl: The dance is impossible.Me: Why!? Maybe it is hidden inside of me somewhere...PCG: Must be very deep inside then.
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Handsome & Judgmental  Posted on 01/26/2014
Pretty Chinese Girl: You always say white man, black man, pretty girl, ugly girl. You are very judgmental. Me: Handsome judgmental man.PCG: Handsome does not belong anywhere near you!
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Horse  Posted on 01/25/2014
Pretty Chinese Girl: Wow! Your nose holes are enormous. Just like a horse!Me: That’s not the only thing that’s like a horse.PCG: The nose holes must take forever to clean.Me: Or many fingers…PCG: At least two can fit...
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A Difference of Opinion  Posted on 01/19/2014
I had a layover in Shanghai, and briefly met up with a Chinese girl who I knew from my Beijing days.Pretty Chinese Girl: You are still short! Hahaha.Me: Well… I am tall in China.PCG: You look same as before but half your hair is...
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Conversations with Cabbies: Are you Married?  Posted on 01/12/2014
Filipinos are a very warm and friendly lot, and not just in comparison to Koreans (as then almost everyone else would also qualify). Whereas the average Korean is mute when in the vicinity of a non-Korean or if their smartphone still has...
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