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Roaches to Riches  Posted on 11/09/2014
Friend: Did you find a place to stay yet?Me: Yes, but it's in the Tenderloin.Friend: When is your housewarming party?Me: The place is so small that no one else will fit inside.Friend: Really? So your parents won't visit?Me: Then...
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Beets Me  Posted on 11/06/2014
Two American girls came and sat at my table at a mall food court while I was in the process of consuming a chicken burrito.Girl #1: Are beets vegetables?Girl #2: Yes.Girl #1: Oh, I didn't know that. Anyways, I'm thinking of...
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BART Ride  Posted on 10/09/2014
BART is shorthand for Bay Area Rapid Transit. It is not to be confused with the character of the same name on the long running American cartoon show The Simpsons. BART is an aging system of trains that pass for public transportation in the...
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Like a Villain  Posted on 09/30/2014
Coworker: Where do you live?Me: In the Tenderloin.Coworker: Oh, I never go to that part of town!Me: Why not? It has character.Coworker: Like a villain has character.
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Standard Deviation  Posted on 09/15/2014
Manager: Why isn't anything working today!?Subordinate: You ask this question as if somehow today is a deviation from the norm.
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Dumpster  Posted on 09/12/2014
Me: There's a notice posted on the door of my apartment elevator asking people not to leave their garbage inside.Friend: Arnab, are you OK with these restrictions on your freedom?
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Tales from the Taqueria  Posted on 09/07/2014
Despite being plagued by a string of natural and man-made calamities ranging from drought and destitution to earthquakes and tech geeks, the Bay Area does have some redeeming qualities. Chief among them is the authentic Mexican fare found...
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Scam Francisco  Posted on 08/11/2014
San Francisco's red hot real estate market has drawn many rats out from the woodwork, and I am not referring to those that zip around the kitchen floors of restaurants in its historic Chinatown. While trawling the web for leads on any...
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The Streets of Mexico  Posted on 08/04/2014
"I'm asking myself am I really doing this? Is it really the best idea to be going to Mexico with you?"My friend Abhay was thinking out loud as we drove down the highway from San Diego to the Mexican border 30 miles away. I...
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