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Asia's Cleanest Village  Posted on 01/06/2015
As it was Valentine’s Day, my driver asked for permission to bring his girlfriend along on our day trip to Mawlynnong, Asia’s ‘cleanest village’ and home of the spellbinding living root bridges. A true romantic, I...
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The Wettest Place on Earth  Posted on 01/04/2015
Resuming my journey in the northeast of India, I caught a bus to Shillong near my lodge at Kaziranga. The capital of the state of Meghalaya, Shillong is a scenic hill station nestled among rolling green hills. My thirst for cheap...
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Arnab's Year in Cities, 2014  Posted on 12/28/2014
As the drums of Bosingak ushered in the new year in the heart of Seoul, my time in Korea came to an end. I spent the first third of the year wandering through lands both familiar (India and Thailand) and slightly less familiar (Philippines...
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Sycophants  Posted on 12/28/2014
I asked an ex-colleague in Korea if he was a sycophant after observing how his behaviour changed whenever he was taking orders from his boss. He did not know what the term meant. I explained that it was someone who continuously sucks up to...
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Radish and Hoe  Posted on 12/28/2014
In Beijing, my colleague and I were returning to the office after lunch. A girl passed by in front of us. Her boyfriend, obediently carrying her purse, followed a few steps behind. She was not aesthetically pleasing, causing my...
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Two Worlds, One Francisco  Posted on 11/24/2014
With its Soweto-like living conditions and Swedish level cost of living, modern day San Francisco is a curious place. On one hand there is the decaying infrastructure and the complete absence of a social safety net for its many...
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Talk to Me  Posted on 11/19/2014
Female coworker: This guy never talks to me.Another coworker: Really?Me: No, that's not true. I said goodbye once.Female coworker: That is true. He did say goodbye once, but that was right after I had asked him to have a one hour...
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The USS Midway  Posted on 11/17/2014
Decommissioned in 1992, the USS Midway now calls San Diego home. Once the world’s largest ship and now its most visited naval ship museum, the USS Midway is so large that it cannot make it through the Panama Canal (imagine a Texan...
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Roaches to Riches  Posted on 11/09/2014
Friend: Did you find a place to stay yet?Me: Yes, but it's in the Tenderloin.Friend: When is your housewarming party?Me: The place is so small that no one else will fit inside.Friend: Really? So your parents won't visit?Me: Then...
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Beets Me  Posted on 11/06/2014
Two American girls came and sat at my table at a mall food court while I was in the process of consuming a chicken burrito.Girl #1: Are beets vegetables?Girl #2: Yes.Girl #1: Oh, I didn't know that. Anyways, I'm thinking of...
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