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Kabayan Eats: Max’s Restaurant  Posted on 04/24/2015
Since the day Max’s Restaurant first opened its doors in 2011, it has been a favorite dining place for almost all Filipinos in the emirate. The brand has been an effective homesickness buster as its delectable dishes remind everyone...
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Saturday Morning at Taste of Wafi  Posted on 04/22/2015
Taste of Wafi, a seasonal food bazaar in Wafi Mall, kicked off its third edition last Saturday, 18th of April. Set under the “shade” of colossal beige columns and a skylight boasting an amazing colorful stained glass, the...
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La Tour Eiffel: Love at First Sight, Not!  Posted on 04/20/2015
When we went to Paris last year, I was secretly hoping that my then-boyfriend would pop the question in front of the Eiffel Tower. Well, what do you know, he did it in Pont des Arts instead. Totally not in my radar but definitely...
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French Dining at Fournil de Pierre  Posted on 04/12/2015
So it’s officially been a year since we traveled to France thus, marking our engagement’s first year, too! We miss the city of lights a lot – its narrow streets and intimidating structures and there is no single day we...
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The Geek and The Fan Girl at Comicave Dubai  Posted on 04/11/2015
While discussing about Comic Con the other day, one of my colleagues showed me a set of very cool photos of this new shop in town. I thought of bringing the fiancé there and surprise him that such a place exists. That same day, just...
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Photoblog: Meet d3 at Dubai Design District  Posted on 04/09/2015
I remember the first time I learned about Dubai Design District. Its name caught my attention in a jiffy and since then, I have been sort of following the status of its construction. Few of my friends’ (in the design field) offices...
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Lenten Special: Visita Iglesia in the UAE  Posted on 04/04/2015
This post came in a little late as Visita Iglesia is usually done on Maundy Thursday or in our case, those practicing Lent in the Gulf, on Good Friday. I have previously blogged about the possibility of doing Visita Iglesia in the country...
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The Weird, The Cool and The Amazing at Art Dubai 2015  Posted on 03/24/2015
Dubai’s art week is about to end and it has been an overwhelming and inspiring experience for us. Last Saturday, we went to Madinat Jumeirah to have a look at this year’s Art Dubai. Since it was the last day of the exhibition,...
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  • Snip-dogg06
    Snip-dogg06 07 July 2014 09:12:10

    The UAE is considered desert country but if you haven't been here or want to visit, you'll get an experience of a lifetime and you'll come away with wow, what a desert...


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