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Exploring the Chateaux of Loire Valley  Posted on 10/10/2015
One, if not number one, on my list of reasons for visiting France is to see the beautiful chateaux of the mighty Loire Valley. I first encountered these beautiful mansions and vast gardens back in my landscape architecture history...
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#BreakfastDate at The Sum of Us  Posted on 10/07/2015
The amazing guys behind Tom&Serg gifted Dubai yet another great restaurant and café – The Sum of Us. It’s fairly new and just opened early this year. Before it was even operating, it has been making buzz in...
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DXB-MNL-DXB: Flying Direct Via Cebu Pacific Air  Posted on 10/04/2015
The past week was one of the most tiring we’ve had in our history of going home. Given that we only had a week to do all our wedding errands, we decided to go for a direct flight. Among the… Continue Reading →
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Palais Garnier: A Must-See in Paris  Posted on 10/02/2015
As I was browsing my camera roll last night, I came across a photo of a large staircase with humongous marble columns, topped with heavily detailed capitals, supporting equally gorgeous arches. Carefully crafted sculptures of ladies...
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The Fiancée Diaries: Wedding Errands Week Part 2  Posted on 09/29/2015
The battle with Manila traffic Our hectic week continues as we approach hump day. As the week progresses, our schedule becomes more packed! DAY 5 Our morning was spent filing our application for marriage license. The license is one...
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The Fiancée Diaries: Wedding Errands Week Part 1  Posted on 09/28/2015
Yikes, sorry for neglecting this blog for quite a long time. I have just returned from a week-long of running wedding errands back home. I love how this section of my blog becomes a diary of my thoughts and memories… Continue Reading...
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Nevsky Prospekt: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly  Posted on 09/11/2015
I cannot hide the excitement at the sight of Nevsky Prospekt, a 4-km long avenue that stretches from Admiralty to Alexander Nevsky Monastery. A major road in St. Petersburg, it is Peter the Great himself who planned the thoroughfare...
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Dampa Seafood Grill: Seafood Cravings Satisfied!  Posted on 09/08/2015
For the longest time, we’ve been coming back and forth to Dampa Seafood Grill but always end up going somewhere else because it’s always full to the brim. Dampa opened its doors early this year, satisfying Dubai...
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The Fiancée Diaries: 98 Days Before the Wedding  Posted on 09/07/2015
OMG, 2 days ago we were down to 100 days! Someone slap me so I’d know I’m not hallucinating. Lol. Wedding planning has been eating up most of my free times last month and this month, it gets intense as… Continue Reading...
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Bobbing and Mudding at the Dead Sea  Posted on 08/31/2015
I am not the beach-y type of person but when we were preparing our itinerary for Jordan, I made sure that the Dead Sea is included. Fresh from a crazy jeep safari in Wadi Rum, we traveled about 2 to 3… Continue Reading →
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  • Snip-dogg06
    Snip-dogg06 07 July 2014 09:12:10

    The UAE is considered desert country but if you haven't been here or want to visit, you'll get an experience of a lifetime and you'll come away with wow, what a desert...


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