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Bobbing and Mudding at the Dead Sea  Posted on 08/31/2015
I am not the beach-y type of person but when we were preparing our itinerary for Jordan, I made sure that the Dead Sea is included. Fresh from a crazy jeep safari in Wadi Rum, we traveled about 2 to 3… Continue Reading →
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Hot Pottin’ at Xiao Wei Yang Little Lamb  Posted on 08/28/2015
I was a little apprehensive when one of our friends suggested “hot pot” for dinner. Hot soup on a Dubai summer? No, no, no. But then again, we conceded because how can you really say ‘no’ to something you...
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Nine Things I Love About the State Hermitage Museum  Posted on 08/25/2015
Try googling “St. Petersburg” and one of the images you’ll first see is that of a green building with white columns and gold embellishments. This is called the Winter Palace, home to the previous tsars and the last...
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Russia Eats: Where We Ate in Moscow  Posted on 08/22/2015
My fiancé and I have a rule when it comes to dining every time we travel. Unlike other travelers, we never splurge on food. Being budget travelers, we are happy to eat street food, dine in cheap taverns, raid supermarkets…...
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Quick Stop at Moscow  Posted on 08/15/2015
What’s initially a three-day trip to Moscow turned out to be a one-day see-whatever-you-can kind of trip. Well, almost. When we found out that most of the stuff that interests us are in St. Petersburg, we had to make a…...
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#BreakfastDate: Tom&Serg  Posted on 08/07/2015
Few weekends back, on our way to a meeting in Abu Dhabi, we swung by this café called Tom&Serg in Al Quoz. Although not really along the way because it’s on the other side of Sheikh Zayed Road, we went… Continue...
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Davit Gareja: To The Edge of Georgia  Posted on 07/31/2015
Further to the southeast of Georgia, just a few yards away from the Azerbaijan border, is the rock-cut monastic complex of Davit Gareja (or David Gareji to some). The compound was named after its founder, one of the 13 Assyrian…...
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Debunking Russian Travel Myths  Posted on 07/29/2015
Russia has always been in the travel bucket list. Who doesn’t want to see the candy-colored onion domes of St. Basil’s? And as a landscape architect, I have been looking forward to the day I can step on their own…...
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Trying Out Korean Cuisine at Gangnam Restaurant  Posted on 07/23/2015
Before trying out Gangnam Korean Restaurant, our knowledge on Korean food was limited to kimchi, bibimbap and bulgogi (we just know the names yet we don’t know what they really are!) And Kimchikin’s chicken, too, if...
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  • Snip-dogg06
    Snip-dogg06 07 July 2014 09:12:10

    The UAE is considered desert country but if you haven't been here or want to visit, you'll get an experience of a lifetime and you'll come away with wow, what a desert...


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