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Desert Seas  Posted on 08/08/2014
For the first time in over ten years, I have a fever. It’s unreal to lay in bed alternating between a fever and shivering, with my body all achy and […]
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Ramadan Healthy Lifestyle Guide  Posted on 06/27/2014
Can you feel the excitement in the air? Yes!! Ramadan has come around once more. For many people, there is the psychological fear that by not eating or drinking during […]
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Futoor Tips  Posted on 06/26/2014
When it comes to futoor, “don’t rush” is what I tell everyone. The food is not going anywhere, so there’s really no need to go crazy and stuff everything in […]
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Suhoor Tips + Ideas  Posted on 06/26/2014
If you’re someone who eats suhoor, then here are some helpful tips for you. DON’T SNACK ALL NIGHT – Unless your goal is to gain weight, there’s no reason to […]
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Exercise During Ramadan  Posted on 06/26/2014
During Ramadan, our fitness goals may not be a priority, but it is something that we should continue thinking about. If you want to maintain muscle mass, avoid exercising during […]
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Water Intake During Ramadan  Posted on 06/25/2014
  The above is the rule of thumb when working out your fluid intake for an average day.The essential word here is “guideline.” If you’re more active, in a hot […]
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GMOs + Top 10 Must Know GMOs  Posted on 06/24/2014
If GMOs are new to you, I would recommend watching the “Seeds of Death” documentary above to help you find out about GMOs and the detrimental effects they cause to […]
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EWG’s Clean Fifteen + Dirty Dozen Lists  Posted on 06/24/2014
The EWG (Environmental Working Group, based in USA) researched the amount of pesticides found in some of the most common foods, and found certain foods have a higher amount of […]
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Organic vs Non-Organic  Posted on 06/24/2014
If I asked you where you get your vitamins and minerals from, your response would probably be from the food you eat. But wait, where does the food you eat […]
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Water Quality in Saudi Arabia  Posted on 06/23/2014
1) Most of the water in KSA is desalinated water. The Saline Water Conversion Corporation (SWCC) operates 27 desalination stations that produce more than three million cubic meters a day […]
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  • Midotaha
    Midotaha 20 April 2013 10:46:37

    Nice Interesting Blog, though i\'m quite the opposite of Vegans, i think your blog is great.

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