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One Last Hurrah at the Chedi!  Posted on 07/06/2014
About a week before we left the sultanate, we took advantage of the resident summer offer of 85 OR and pampered ourselves.  This last post (for at least a month) will feature some pics from our 2-days at the Chedi. … Continue...
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My Spa Experience at The Chedi  Posted on 07/05/2014
  During our recent stay at The Chedi, my wife convinced me to give the Spa a try.  I’m glad I listened as it was a great experience.  2 years ago I posted about the opening of the Spa at … Continue reading...
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Dinner(s) at The Restaurant, The Chedi  Posted on 07/01/2014
  The Restaurant at The Chedi is a great choice if you’re looking for one of the best fine dining experiences in Muscat, Oman.  I had the pleasure of enjoying the food there on 2 different occasions in the past few...
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Mongolian Barbecue at The Golden Oryx, Ruwi  Posted on 06/30/2014
 We had heard from several people that the Mongolian Barbecue at The Golden Oryx was very good so we decided to give it a try before leaving the Sultanate.  I’m glad we did. Good and cheap food!     ...
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Zanzibar Bakery & Confectionery, North Al Hail  Posted on 06/30/2014
  Zanzibar Bakery & Confectionery is one of the best places in Oman to try authentic Zanzibari food.  It’s located in North Hail, exactly one roundabout north of the Wave up the coast.    ...
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VOX Cinemas in Oman – Movie Lovers, Rejoice!  Posted on 06/29/2014
  Now that all the bugs have been worked out after the initial opening, VOX Cinemas is a wonderful experience for movie lovers in the Sultanate!  I’m a little late in putting this post out but I wanted to share my...
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Rumba Lattina Restaurant, The Cave  Posted on 06/24/2014
 Rumba Lattina is one of the 8 restaurants within the Cave Complex on Qurum Heights Road.  We recently had the privilege of attending an official “food tasting” evening there thanks to our friend, Maurizio!  The...
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“Oman Contributing to the Global Dialogue”  Posted on 06/23/2014
Thanks to Rumaitha from Merge Fm for sharing this video and info, “This video has been doing the rounds on social media making Omanis very proud when Kerry states that ‘Oman is contributing to the Global Dialogue’“....
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“The Cave”  Posted on 06/23/2014
    The Cave is a huge multi-restaurant complex (with plans to open hotels there as well in the near future) on Qurum Heights Road in Darsait.  This first post will be of the place itself before I get to another...
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  • kshan
    kshan 06 November 2014 19:59:44

    Hi Andy
    Sorry, this is a different topic.
    I would like to know if there is anyone in Muscat - a doctor or lecturer - who can teach anatomy. A young boy needs some private coaching or just a few sessions. If you know of anyone who can help, please let me know.
    Appreciate any related info.

  • E. Bartels
    E. Bartels 29 January 2013 22:55:20

    Hi Andy; What can you share with me about my friends, Dr. Don and Eloise Bosch, Who I think go to the same church as you. My EMail address for them seems not in use!! GeneB.

  • Albertodb
    Albertodb 20 July 2012 22:04:22

    Hi to you all,I have been working in Oman for 2 years, willing to arrange an other contract there after this ramadan there is One catholic church and one protestant Church on the way to the Port...Muscta is a Nice place, so you need to have good contact and to know the right places...

  • McLaren4
    McLaren4 28 June 2012 19:17:48

    Hi Andy,
    I would like to know more about the Church in Muscat where and when can you go.
    David moving from UK to Oman.

  • pramod 21 June 2012 01:57:10

    Nice blog , friendly people .I am in usa now well settled.Before i was in Oman for ten years
    as a supervisor in a private company .
    Oman is a GREAT place to be for any law abiding citizen .I am surprised at the many changes in oman since i left .
    Omanis are very simple and good people even a VIP if you come across as i did sometimes , will never show himself as a vip or behave as one . Cost of living is low . But when i got married i resigned and moved back to the US since in those days i will say there was hardly any social life , especially for a women . Now it may be different .

  • shimora_mail
    shimora_mail 16 December 2011 18:50:09

    Hi Andy I am shanoj, Indian national,I am an Advt. professional based in dubai, also a frequent visiter to Oman, i have been traveld in many country's, here what i feel Oman is the one of the best and safe place to stay and work and aslo for social activity's like what you are doing.... all the best and keep n touch

  • sisyphean
    sisyphean 02 November 2011 07:13:02

    Hi Andy,myself Tom currently working for a private firm here in Oman. Based on my 29 yrs of exp in Oman, I would suggest that this is the best place to live. Rather peaceful space on earth with all required amenities and luxuries. So cheers for Oman..!!! n welcome u..

  • anooj
    anooj 23 May 2011 08:53:45

    Hi Andy, I am a college lecturer in Muscat. Very happy to meet you here. Hope we can keep in touch for being in the same profession.

  • anooj
    anooj 22 May 2011 09:19:08

    Hi Andy, I am an Information Technology teacher working in a college here in Muscat. Wish to have good friendship with all the teachers irrespective of Nationality

  • ctshaju
    ctshaju 17 May 2011 10:00:14

    Hi Andy, welcome to Oman. I am Shaju Thomas, an Indian national working here in Muscat. The lifestyle in Oman is good and its a peaceful place.

  • Abhishay
    Abhishay 03 August 2010 07:50:48

    Hi Andy,
    This is Abhi,an Indian. Do you like the place. Its really a very cool place to live in. Hope you like.
    So whats up?

  • badar
    badar 28 April 2010 06:08:00

    Hey Andy,...
    Badar here, an Omani, Software engg!
    you people are gentle ;), I like that, Bless you :)

  • slyly
    slyly 04 August 2009 12:51:00

    I'm a french teacher from Tunisia I was in Oman (Sohar)in 1999. I will be in Oman after Ramadan Can I communicate with you?

  • haftamum2010
    haftamum2010 12 August 2013 11:36:19

    I am a new Ethiopian lecturer in a college of muscat would u pls help me how the life will be with salary 915 OR I am single I dont have friend and family\'s in muscat pls pls pls help me.how about the environment around? because am coming from the place where temperature is around 23-25degree centigrade.what should I do?

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