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Holy Week Worship Services at PCO  Posted on 04/17/2014
  That should read “April 18th for Good Friday”! Need directions to church services? Check out the church website at churchinoman.comFiled under: church Tagged: church in Muscat, Easter in Oman, Good Friday Muscat Oman,...
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Awesome Video Showing the Beauty of Oman  Posted on 04/17/2014
This video was posted on youtube 2 months ago from some tourists who obviously enjoyed themselves in Oman.  Their video includes a lot of fantastic spots in the Sultanate and it also captures the beauty of Shangri-La’s Barr Al...
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MC MO @ O’Malley’s at the Radisson Tonight!  Posted on 04/17/2014
I went to O’Malley’s at the Radisson last week with a few buddies for the first time. It was a lot of fun and Mc Mo really rocked the house!  There is no cover charge and O’Malley’s has a lot … Continue...
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24 Hours of Air Traffic Across the Arabian Gulf  Posted on 04/11/2014
Cool visualization shared on the facebook page of Marlon Cureg, CEO of Orphicpixel, taken from NATS airspace youtube page: Watching this video reminded me of this other video from ahymmaweek!Filed under: Uncategorized Tagged: air...
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  • E. Bartels
    E. Bartels 29 January 2013 22:55:20

    Hi Andy; What can you share with me about my friends, Dr. Don and Eloise Bosch, Who I think go to the same church as you. My EMail address for them seems not in use!! GeneB.

  • Albertodb
    Albertodb 20 July 2012 22:04:22

    Hi to you all,I have been working in Oman for 2 years, willing to arrange an other contract there after this ramadan there is One catholic church and one protestant Church on the way to the Port...Muscta is a Nice place, so you need to have good contact and to know the right places...

  • McLaren4
    McLaren4 28 June 2012 19:17:48

    Hi Andy,
    I would like to know more about the Church in Muscat where and when can you go.
    David moving from UK to Oman.

  • pramod 21 June 2012 01:57:10

    Nice blog , friendly people .I am in usa now well settled.Before i was in Oman for ten years
    as a supervisor in a private company .
    Oman is a GREAT place to be for any law abiding citizen .I am surprised at the many changes in oman since i left .
    Omanis are very simple and good people even a VIP if you come across as i did sometimes , will never show himself as a vip or behave as one . Cost of living is low . But when i got married i resigned and moved back to the US since in those days i will say there was hardly any social life , especially for a women . Now it may be different .

  • shimora_mail
    shimora_mail 16 December 2011 18:50:09

    Hi Andy I am shanoj, Indian national,I am an Advt. professional based in dubai, also a frequent visiter to Oman, i have been traveld in many country's, here what i feel Oman is the one of the best and safe place to stay and work and aslo for social activity's like what you are doing.... all the best and keep n touch

  • sisyphean
    sisyphean 02 November 2011 07:13:02

    Hi Andy,myself Tom currently working for a private firm here in Oman. Based on my 29 yrs of exp in Oman, I would suggest that this is the best place to live. Rather peaceful space on earth with all required amenities and luxuries. So cheers for Oman..!!! n welcome u..

  • anooj
    anooj 23 May 2011 08:53:45

    Hi Andy, I am a college lecturer in Muscat. Very happy to meet you here. Hope we can keep in touch for being in the same profession.

  • anooj
    anooj 22 May 2011 09:19:08

    Hi Andy, I am an Information Technology teacher working in a college here in Muscat. Wish to have good friendship with all the teachers irrespective of Nationality

  • ctshaju
    ctshaju 17 May 2011 10:00:14

    Hi Andy, welcome to Oman. I am Shaju Thomas, an Indian national working here in Muscat. The lifestyle in Oman is good and its a peaceful place.

  • Abhishay
    Abhishay 03 August 2010 07:50:48

    Hi Andy,
    This is Abhi,an Indian. Do you like the place. Its really a very cool place to live in. Hope you like.
    So whats up?

  • badar
    badar 28 April 2010 06:08:00

    Hey Andy,...
    Badar here, an Omani, Software engg!
    you people are gentle ;), I like that, Bless you :)

  • slyly
    slyly 04 August 2009 12:51:00

    I'm a french teacher from Tunisia I was in Oman (Sohar)in 1999. I will be in Oman after Ramadan Can I communicate with you?

  • haftamum2010
    haftamum2010 12 August 2013 11:36:19

    I am a new Ethiopian lecturer in a college of muscat would u pls help me how the life will be with salary 915 OR I am single I dont have friend and family's in muscat pls pls pls help me.how about the environment around? because am coming from the place where temperature is around 23-25degree centigrade.what should I do?

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