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Layla's Birthday  Posted on 12/11/2012
Arabic Word of the Day: little girl = bint sagiirah***********************************************Five years ago, I was blessed with the birth of my third child, my only daughter. It seems like yesterday that she was just a prayer in my...
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Celebrate a New Baby Boy  Posted on 12/08/2012
A fun Arabic tradition is to have a party celebrating the birth of a son. If you remember, my sis-in-law had a baby boy a few weeks ago. He is a cutie named Laith. He is her third child after two beautiful daughters, so you know his birth...
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Layla  Posted on 11/18/2012
Layla is my youngest child and only daughter. She is a beautiful child inside and out, with personality, joy, laughter and play. Too bad for me, she also has her father's temper. This little girl can throw a mind blowing tantrum. Her...
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Baby  Posted on 11/11/2012
Arabic word of the day: "booboo" means "baby" in slang Arabic.*********************************************************************************We have a new baby in the family. How exciting! My sis-in-law, Sana, now has...
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Spinach  Posted on 11/07/2012
Arabic Word of the Day: sabanik = spinachOne of the good things about Jordan is that the government subsidizes fresh food. Fruits and vegetables are cheap as long as you do not buy them at a chain grocery store. The streets are filled with...
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Coffee at AHSS  Posted on 09/17/2012
Arabic word of the day:school = "madrasah"********************************************** Today at Rami and Adam's school, parents were invited to watch the first three periods of the day. For Adam, this meant I could observe...
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First Time at a Group Yoga Class  Posted on 09/13/2012
I love yoga. I love the way I feel when I practice yoga regularly. But alas, I have been in an exercise rut lately. HAH! Well not lately. To be completely honest, I have been exercise lazy for the last..........5 years. Whoops!Now that the...
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Drivers License Running Around  Posted on 09/11/2012
***Update******Yesterday, I had 48 views on this blog. Wooohooo! I think you guys are amused by my ridiculousness. Since I have an increase in followers, I have a question to ask. Do you have any questions about Jordan or thoughts that you...
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Arabic Weddings  Posted on 09/10/2012
Anyone can have more fun at an Arabic wedding than at any nightclub in America. And there is no liquor! Just crazy, sober fun! Arabic weddings make American weddings look like a snooze fest. There are many differences between the Arabic...
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Embarrassing Moment of the Day  Posted on 09/05/2012
OMG! Don't you hate it when you misunderstand a situation, and find out about it months later? Well, do I have a story for you. So sit back, and prepare to laugh until you cry at my expense. All I can say is, "Only in...
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  • konstantinos1829
    konstantinos1829 05 July 2013 19:09:24

    hello karen me and my wife are interested of starting a new life in jordan between amman or akaba start and rent a business please give me an inside about life and business in jordan

  • karen 16 September 2012 22:47:38

    Hi ! i as well live in Amman i am from CT and we lived in Phx Az the past few years. My husband and i and two children have been in Jordan since this past Feb. I do not speak arabic YET but hoping i will soon. Im loooking forward to hear from u .

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