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Have you ever been in love?  Posted on 08/17/2014
Yes, someone seriously asked me this question earlier. Me, the girl with the extremely long list of failed relationships and marriages. I just thought for a minute and it hit me that no one...
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The long awaited 50 Shades of Grey trailer  Posted on 08/11/2014
And ooooooops, this blogpost is way way way overdue. It’s been in my head for ages, but somehow I got so busy and didn’t take time to write it down. During my first month...
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Gaza, I’m lost for words  Posted on 07/19/2014
  I have been absent from my blog and Social Media the past couple of days. I just can’t stomach it. Newsfeeds are flooded with articles, pictures and videos of the massacre in Gaza....
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Here’s to new beginnings in Dubai  Posted on 06/29/2014
A new beginning isn’t always easy, but sometimes it’s necessary. #thought4today — Jessie K. (@JessinDXB) June 22, 2014 I think this tweet says it all. Lots has been going on in my personal life...
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Lost your passport… What to do?  Posted on 06/04/2014
As I’ve mentioned before, there is a serious lack of online resources when it comes to official paperwork in Jordan. A couple of weeks ago, I lost my passport and when I started calling...
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Story of my week – Week 50 of 2013  Posted on 12/17/2013
I’ve been rather busy last week. As blizzard Alexa hit the country, we were hibernating and although I did have work, I had time for some extra stuff.  We drank lots and lots and...
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Part 1 of my romantic short story  Posted on 12/04/2013
Once upon a time, when I was still able to write, I started working on a short story. I think it’s about time for it to be read. Maybe that would encourage me to...
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Pinterest Try Out: Sweet Chili Sauce  Posted on 12/29/2012
I LOVE sweet chili sauce. I really do. I had this phase that I would eat it almost every day. It goes extremely well with fried chicken. The  thing is that there are  a lot of brands of sweet chili sauce on the Jordanian market,...
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  • Ayo1987
    Ayo1987 21 June 2014 06:08:04

    I really enjoyed reading this blog. I feel like I can completely relate to the many things you have said. I feel like the past nine months I've been living here I can relate to so many things on so many different levels. Glad your putting it out there for us not to feel lonely in our feelings.

  • grona777
    grona777 25 May 2013 03:16:53

    Is it dirty still ?

  • ladyjane1
    ladyjane1 17 January 2013 08:04:58

    I liked your blog! very easy to read and I\'m glad that you are writing down your complaints regarding the Rubbish in Amman streets, it\'s such a sham. I would hate to show Expats around, this time of the year, because of the all the Rubbish! keep up the good work :)

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