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Syria Wants to Know Who We Are  Posted on 05/07/2013
One of the largest critiques of American foreign policy is its rampant hypocrisy. We intervene to save some, stand idle while others perish. Sometimes our national security interests are all too apparent, sometimes they are all but...
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No More Hurting People  Posted on 04/16/2013
I have been toying with what I would like to say about Boston. Facebook and network news have already covered the horror of it all. There are no suspects or motives to discuss as of yet, which one newscaster described as "a nod to...
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Citizen of the State  Posted on 03/25/2013
I've been experiencing that phenomenon where as soon as you learn something new, you see it everywhere. Such has been the case with libertarianism. I've recently been through (or rather begun) a crash course in this political...
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The Gatekeepers  Posted on 03/03/2013
Please check out my latest post on WIIS-Up: blog.wiisisrael.com/2013/03/the-gatekeepers/This post was especially important to me, as I could combine some creative, idealistic thinking about the conflict with a reflection on Israeli...
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21st Century Statecraft  Posted on 01/31/2013
I don't often watch TV news. Today, however, I caught clips of the Senate confirmation hearings starring Chuck Hagel in the role of the nominee for Secretary of Defense. A couple hours later I watched a live webcast of Secretary of...
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A Tale of Two Mandates  Posted on 01/23/2013
Check out my latest post reflecting on a moment in time in both Israeli and American politics:blog.wiisisrael.com/2013/01/a-tale-of-two-mandates/
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Zero Dark Screen  Posted on 01/15/2013
I read several articles and entertained several discussions before seeing Zero Dark Thirty. The topics ping-ponged between the movie's depiction of torture, and the depiction of the female lead, to reflect on women in intelligence in...
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A lesson from Midtown  Posted on 12/11/2012
My rosy view of the future of Egypt is becoming ever more smudged with the soot of evidence to the contrary. What I was hoping was a revolution in the making, has more in common with a Saturday night I once spent in New York. There in the...
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