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Microphone  Posted on 06/01/2013
Many years ago, my friend Sonya and I wrote a mad, mad sitcom based on various mad, mad people we came into contact with whilst living in a dilapidated Edwardian end terrace masquerading as high-end suburban chic. One of these people was a...
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Basket Case  Posted on 11/05/2012
It's been a funny few months since my last post. Not funny ha-ha, like the time I arrived home in my underpants sporting a clutch bag and a wry smile, but funny weird like the week I spent locked in a darkened room gnawing away at an...
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Experiment  Posted on 08/04/2012
A little over a year ago, my friend Sonya and I went on a trip to Salta, in Northern Argentina. It was to be our first experience of "proper" travelling together and would prove a pivotal moment in our lives for many reasons,...
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How I Became A Football Fan  Posted on 07/14/2012
I meant to do this post last weekend but was distracted by a a Madonna concert in Amsterdam and a gala dinner in Bucharest. What can I say? I've got a pan-European agenda. To sum up both events, Bucharest was amazing, and Madonna even...
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In Defence of Drama and Dreaming  Posted on 05/15/2012
My love affair with high drama started at birth. I was delivered by caesarian, quite possibly because I wanted to make the most dramatic entrance possible. What better way to do so than to be wrenched from the womb and held aloft like a...
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The Safari Suit  Posted on 03/31/2012
Lately, I've been giving a lot of thought to the issues of empire and emancipation. This has nothing to do with the recent BBC documentary on the subject (it turns out Jeremy Paxman is good at patronising foreigners too; nice to see...
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Mon and Gord are not Dead  Posted on 03/17/2012
Ever since a recent trip to London to see a very excellent friend of mine, who introduced me to the joys of Joe Orton, I've been feeling quite theatrical. Being of a naturally dramatic bent, this should come as no surprise. I am told...
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Mental Peas  Posted on 02/04/2012
Another month, another metro ticket, another argument with a woman with a spiral perm over a malfunctioning ticket barrier, another attempt to write a post on my iPhone whilst being jostled by fellow commuters. Such is the lot of the...
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And so that was Christmas...and a Happy New Year?  Posted on 01/01/2012
Poor old John and Yoko. Little did they know back in 1971 that images of war, starvation and suffering would become as much of a seasonal staple as drunken arguments and indigestion; a fact confirmed on Christmas day by my mum in a moment...
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The Advent of Reason: The Singing Soviet  Posted on 12/17/2011
Last weekend, I decided to give Advent a bit of a kick-start, so I donned my scarf and winter coat and went off in search of a Christmas tree in Madrid's central square, Plaza Mayor. It was filled with mock medieval stalls pedalling...
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