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An open letter to building contractors in Spain  Posted on 03/07/2014
Dear Spanish contractors of today: I appreciate that you understand that humans, for the most part (though I can think of a few exceptions), do not like living in cold, dark, airless cave-like dwellings.  I don’t know why this...
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City dogs  Posted on 02/17/2014
It’s 9PM and I’m in the pijo part of the city center, waiting for friends. Because I am actually on time–which in Barcelona is early–I am the only one to have yet arrived for dinner. It is a nice night, so I ...
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No tacos here  Posted on 02/11/2014
Due to the fact that a third of Americans and even Canadians I encounter through work don’t even know that Spain is in Europe (link is to a personal blog but I ranted about this very subject one day), I have taken to stating that I...
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European wardrobe vs.California wardrobe  Posted on 12/09/2013
Living in this general area of Europe–Northern Spain, Southern and central France, Northern and central Italy–requires modifications to one’s wardrobe. Not to try to fit in, mind you, but simply to deal with the climate,...
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Three accomplishments in five years  Posted on 11/10/2013
Having just passed my five year anniversary here, I thought I’d sum up what I might call accomplishments. There aren’t many, three to be exact. But their impact is big! 1. I can finally converse on the phone in Spanish without...
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Barcelona – is not in Spain?  Posted on 10/12/2013
For those unfamiliar, here is what is happening:  The region of Catalonia (Catalunya) is generally considered to be fighting for independence from Spain, though not everyone would say that it is fighting for independence, because not...
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Expat Life: Not Always A Smooth Ride!  Posted on 09/19/2013
There is an interesting and clever infographic going around looking at the major challenges with expat life around the world. I particularly identify with the final point, Sense of Humor – I know my personality does not come across...
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Coworking in Spain  Posted on 09/08/2013
If you find yourself in Europe, working independently in whatever profession and thus working from a “home office”, you might find yourself in the same position as me: Easily distracted in your “home office”...
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Summer is underway.  Posted on 07/16/2013
The weather is heating up and the days are long, which means frequent trips to the beach. During the week, you head there after work to cool off and to give in to the gravity that has been pulling at your eyelids every afternoon at your...
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The visit home – Part II  Posted on 06/25/2013
I visit the US twice a year. Part I was the winter visit, now here is Part II – Summer. It is amazing how fast you adapt to the environment, especially if it is one you’re already familiar with. When I first arrived in...
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