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The Rioja Diaries

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added on 26/08/2012 by: lottienevin
In the space of three days we moved from living and working in Indonesia to a tumble down house amidst the olive groves of Andalucia, Spain. The Rioja Diaries is the story of two madcap artists making a new life for themselves in rural Spain. Follow their adventures and learn about the highs and lows, trials and tribulations of living in a small village, restoring a finca and their dream of building a thriving art community in this beautiful corner of Andalucia.
 tags: Art, Food, Life in Andalucia, Photography, Travel

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La Matanza – Rural living in Andalucia  Posted on 02/17/2014
For days afterwards, the smell of onions permeated everything; it was in my hair, on my hands, impregnated in my clothes. My hands were cut to shreds and fingers stained dark brown from the onion peelings. Despite everything, I was glad...
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Know Your Spanish Onions  Posted on 02/16/2014
I think I must have downed at least four sherries whilst sat in the bar with Antonia, pondering on what to do with the mysterious icons. I weaved my way back to the house, went upstairs and gathered them up from the table where I’d...
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Mysterious Happenings At Bleak House  Posted on 02/14/2014
The novelty of camping in our new home ended the moment the builders arrived. Up until that point we’d been coping well; it was basic living, but we were managing. Within days of their starting work, the whole house looked like a...
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Introducing Colin Snout. Rescue Me!  Posted on 01/30/2014
The chocolate brown eyes looked lovingly up at me from inside Manolo’s coat. ‘Oh you little darling’ I said, lifting the puppy from Manolo’s arms and taking the furry bundle into my own. ‘He is a gift for you...
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My Cup Runneth Over  Posted on 01/27/2014
Within a week or so, quotes starting arriving for the various building works that we urgently needed to do. So far we’d been lucky with the weather. Although it had become cold at night, each morning the sun would burst through the...
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Which Juan? That Juan? Or This Juan? Or The Other Juan?  Posted on 01/26/2014
Looking on the bright side, having a car with a mind of its own did mean that we got to meet most of the villagers on our first day. Perhaps not the most orthodox social introduction to the people whose lives and work revolve around the...
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The Joy Ride  Posted on 01/24/2014
Paco seemed most amused at being the bearer of bad news. He watched the shock on our faces as our eyes scanned the empty parking spot where the car had previously stood. He started laughing, a raucous, great belly laugh. ‘Oh...
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Buckets Of Fun  Posted on 01/22/2014
It must have been around 1.30am when I woke up needing a pee. I rolled over to get out of bed but some force of gravity pushed me back down into the centre of the mattress. I could not remember there being an enormous sag in the bed that...
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Our Baptism Of Fire  Posted on 01/08/2014
< Irishman squeezed my hand lovingly. This was it, our baptism of fire. Our initiation into Spanish village life was about to begin. We parted the beaded curtain and walked into the dimly lit bar. There were some men sat playing cards...
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The Road From Bilbao  Posted on 01/06/2014
The first roundabout we encountered outside the Port of Bilbao proved something of a challenge. Just for the record, we went around it 10 times. ‘The road map, Lottie, where’s the bloody road map?’ ‘ I don’t...
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  • lottienevin
    lottienevin 11 January 2013 03:52:29

    Thank you! I'm glad that you are enjoying reading my blog :) Lottie

  • no77x 10 January 2013 07:11:49

    good jobs!!

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