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We've moved!  Posted on 11/20/2006
Meaghan and I have moved out of her mom's house and into the city of Boston. My commute to work is now 15 minutes shorter, and we're starting to take our cool furniture and stuff out of storage. Friends are welcome to email me...
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New blog  Posted on 11/02/2006
Hey - Since I started my new job I've been busy and not much inclined to blogging. We have done some cool stuff - we saw Jon Stewart live, we celebrated our third wedding anniversary with a trip to Vermont, we spent a weekend in New...
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woo-HOO!  Posted on 09/28/2006
I got a job! As of yesterday, I'm the new full-time ESL teacher at a public high school near Boston. I'm teaching two classes of ESL 1, one class of ESL 3, and two study skills classes, each of which meet daily. The students are...
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Sweet memories  Posted on 09/25/2006
Meaghan's school made her do a "technology orientation requirement" that involved a bunch of simple tests in computer and internet literacy. The final piece was to write a simple web page in html, including two web links,...
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The Montana wedding  Posted on 09/21/2006
Nothing much going on. I'm at yet another temp job, and at this particular moment I have no work to do. It's the perfect opportunity to take care of some old business, and I owe you a story about the wedding I attended in...
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I'm writing this from "work"  Posted on 09/01/2006
Today's temp assignment is to sit at a desk and answer the phones in an office that shall remain nameless. Today is the Friday before a three-day weekend (Monday being Labor Day in the US), so it's slow. Really slow. I'll...
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It's an ad, ad world  Posted on 09/01/2006
Apparently some other people are also fed up with the flashiness of marketing everywhere. There's a new TV commercial that takes a distinctly low-flash approach.
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Nedostajete mi  Posted on 08/24/2006
As time passes since my months in Serbia, I miss different things. Well, some of the same things, and some different things. For instance: Juice is still a big one. I was in the supermarket yesterday and the only reasonably priced juices...
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Time wasters  Posted on 08/16/2006
What keeps me occupied when I'm not working or wandering around. Books Epilepsy, David B Uncommon Carriers, John McFee Iron Council, China Mieville A Brief History of Nearly Everything, Bill Bryson Television Reruns of The District...
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