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Happy Weekend!  Posted on 09/05/2014
I uncovered this awesome old photo I took while at University:It sums up my feeling to 'It's the weekend, baby!'
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Steve Jobs: Here's to the crazy ones  Posted on 08/22/2014
Right up front I don't mind admitting that I've never 'gotten' the whole Apple thing, although I own an Ipod (that I was given) and did once seriously consider getting an IPhone (but went Android instead, like most of...
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Close Enough to Bucharest  Posted on 08/14/2014
It's not often you discover a gem of a song, but this little beauty played across the radio down here in fairest South Africa this afternoon and I love it! If you're my kind of crazy, you might too.It's George Ezra, singing...
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Is Cape Town's Best Library in Milnerton?  Posted on 08/02/2014
Back in the good old days, if I discovered something remarkable, I'd share it with you by text (assuming I knew how to write and you knew how to read), on a postcard (assuming the ship delivered it). These days we have blogs and...
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Is it just me, or...  Posted on 07/15/2014
You know the difference between immaturity and maturity? It's in how you answer 'If you could be anything, what would you be?'When you're younger, you've got a million fun answers to that question ... astronaut,...
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Tragic Comedy in Bucharest  Posted on 06/14/2014
This blog post - Exploring the disgusting bins of Bucharest’s historic centre - has to be one of the most simultaneously tragic and funny lenses on life in Romania that I have ever seen. This post is my way of encasing it in concrete...
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Until we meet again  Posted on 05/31/2014
For more than a year, this blog has been a great platform for me to just vent and take some vague thoughts and flesh them out into reality ... and, rewardingly, that's been useful for some of you as well. I think the time has come to...
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Why Customer-Centricity May Be Missing the Point  Posted on 05/27/2014
If you've been following this blog you'll have noticed that I've started studying Coursera's Introduction to Marketing course (I highly recommend that you sign up for it if you're interested in marketing). This has...
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This is South Africa  Posted on 05/25/2014
Usually tourism videos about any country are pretty cringe-worthy, but South African Tourism finally knocked one out of the park. Obviously there's a LOT more to the country than this, but it's a beautiful snapshot of one...
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The Perfect Business Model  Posted on 05/24/2014
Nothing in life improves consistently, no matter how much effort you put into it. Businesses, however, are expected to unfailingly deliver improvement ... better products, more customers, and most of all MORE profit. No wonder there's...
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