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A jumble...  Posted on 09/01/2015
Here arepeople.Live with them.Here areproblems.Solve them.Here is a blankpage.Fill it.Here are never-endingquestions,and a rapidly-diminishing supply oftime.Is this really how you want to spendit?Oh look: anotherquestion.So where is the...
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A little reminder on perseverance  Posted on 08/26/2015
This blog's become something of a scrapbook for me, where I like to store profound discoveries. Here's one I came across tonight:There's a lot to ponder in that quote: life on the other side of disappointment, and the...
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A glimpse into the near, mid and distant future  Posted on 08/21/2015
Wow. My mind's ridiculously blown right now.You know how I keep sharing tidbits here and raving that you need to watch/read them? This is one of those times, but cranked all the way up to 11 (I know, I'm sorry).This isn't...
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Here's to you, Bucharest  Posted on 08/10/2015
Thanks to YouTube, I discovered one of the best 'as it is' documentaries of the nicer parts of street life in Bucharest.Once you get past the cheesy soundtrack, it's pretty mesmerizing to watch ... heck, I even experienced a...
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Game of Thrones: New actor casting  Posted on 08/06/2015
So today one of my colleagues at work produced this and stuck it up on the office wall, based on yours truly:All I know is I'm now interested in buying a suit of armour, and some designers are going to be speaking in high voices for...
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The best movie of all time  Posted on 06/17/2015
When I think back about what I might personally call the best movie of all time, there are a lot of diverse candidates. The Matrix, for example. American Beauty, yes. Titanic, why not.But when I add a little context, the answer changes....
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A bit of late-night philosophy  Posted on 06/14/2015
Lack confidence and you'll be fearful. Be over-confident and you'll be arrogant. Be perfectly balanced between the two poles, and you'll be boring.The thing about most blogs is that they're where people share their...
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Romania's going to the cats  Posted on 06/04/2015
I've written before about some Romanian companies' scant regard for the English language, but a recent news story makes me think that I might have been barking up the wrong tree altogether (no pun intended).For the love of all...
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Cooking at low peep  Posted on 05/21/2015
Don't you just love that moment when you say 'X' in casual conversation, only to rudely discover amid the other person's laughter that you'd completely misheard X years ago, and subsequently your brain has just...
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Listen to this now  Posted on 04/11/2015
Was just watching The Last Time You Had Fun when this song came on ... it is amazing.Paul Baribeau - Ten Thingsname ten things you wanna do before you die and then go do them. name ten places you really wanna be before you die and then go...
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  • jongee
    jongee 29 March 2015 09:49:07

    Hey I still have lots of family in SA and sometimes, especially in the dead of winter, miss the life.

    But then again I see the insecurity that goes with knowing that the government and the people are going to do their best to steal everything and lay waste the rest and know that getting my daughter established in the UK was the best thing to do.

    Romania (Suceava Judetal) is certainly different and has its own challenges but we essentially we live well.

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