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South Africa's amazing scenery by road  Posted on 01/04/2015
If a picture says a thousand words, then I've got no clue how many a ten minute video shares. Seems more efficient, then, to share this video:There is a really stunning shot from about 08:00 at Chapman's Peak Drive, right here in...
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Lessons from the corporate jungle  Posted on 12/18/2014
This evening is a great evening for me.It's the first evening of my 2014 holiday. My auto-responder on my work e-mail address is set to vacation mode, and now you KNOW it's game-on.Despite that, I think I feel a bit less...
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More Things I Like...  Posted on 11/19/2014
Sometimes old memories get so fuzzy, you can't say for sure if they ARE memories or if they're day-dreams, or recollections of movies.I had the good luck to stumble across one of those old memories for me ... for whatever reason...
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Hello 21st Century  Posted on 11/16/2014
Typing a tweet on a touchscreen phone is a chore enough, never mind a full blog post.That said, I just had to try it at least once :) Right this minute I'm lying in bed as the typically cold Cape Town wind howls outside, and somehow I...
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Google Inbox Invites Offered  Posted on 11/13/2014
Do you want a Google Inbox invite? I've got some and will be happy to share :) Just leave a comment or message me.If you don't know what Google Inbox is, then don't worry ... it's only the Next Big Thing from...
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The two sides of Romania  Posted on 11/12/2014
In South Africa, you regularly find yourself saying 'Gee, Place X would be so nice, if only it wasn't for the people.'I've often said here that there are numerous parallels for me between Romania and South Africa, and...
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Just when you thought you'd seen everything....  Posted on 11/11/2014
... somebody had the awesome idea of flying their drone INTO A FIREWORK DISPLAY.And yes, it's sufficiently beautiful to make army drill sergeants cry ... profusely.Direct YouTube link: youtube.com/watch?v=a9KZ3jgbbmIBackground details...
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YOLO ... and other good things  Posted on 10/17/2014
Watch YouTube enough, and it will get a really spooky sense of what you like, and remind you about things you've watched a long time ago. For me, tonight, it reminded me of this awesome video, that you will click play on right now:It...
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Cape Town Aerial Video  Posted on 09/30/2014
If you need some beauty in your life, I have this amazing aerial video of the special city I live in (for now) ... Cape Town, South Africa:Breathtaking scenery. Check. Haunting soundtrack. Check. The perfect video? I think so.
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