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My New Norwegian Home

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added on 19/02/2012 by: EPerrin
Observations and experiences from an American in Norway. From the way I met my husband to learning the language and cultural differences - all things Norway are discussed! :-)
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Now on Facebook  Posted on 01/24/2015
My New Norwegian Home is now on Facebook! I've been a major procrastinator about making a Facebook page for this blog, but it is up and working now. Just follow and like the link here to start following whenever I post something...
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Januar salg  Posted on 01/22/2015
I've been living in Norway for nearly 3 years. I've now come to the conclusion the best times to shop in one of the most expensive countries in the world is in January and July. January because it's after Christmas and you...
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The 10 kroner sale  Posted on 01/14/2015
One of my 12 New Year's Resolutions is to waste less. Waste less money, time, energy, food and space. When there's a 10 kroner sale (about $1.35 at today's currency rate) at either ICA or Spar, I tend to stock up on sale...
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Brunost, langrenn og lusekofte  Posted on 01/12/2015
We had a game night Saturday night and tried out the game Brunost, langrenn og lusekofte. It is a game of questions to determine which player is the most Norwegian at heart.The game consists of a series of questions about how you'd...
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iHerb.com  Posted on 01/09/2015
When I get a craving for American products I can't satisfy from makeshift recipes, I usually order from iHerb.com. While I can't find EVERYTHING I'm looking for, I can usually find quite a bit and it's very helpful.At...
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Ice Ice Baby!  Posted on 01/06/2015
"Everybody talks about the weather, but nobody does anything about it" - Charles Dudley WarnerThe weather is lovely, isn't it?This is my 3rd winter in Norway and so far I've been alright with it. (So far!) The darkness...
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Pancakes and pea soup  Posted on 01/05/2015
I love food. There is one thing I can promise you and that is if you're looking for a blog about dieting and fitness, well, you are at the WRONG place.Usually after spending some time with Norwegians I come back home and start eating...
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Slow norsk  Posted on 01/02/2015
Oh language why are you so difficult to learn?I feel like I am such a slow learner at this language. Some people are very good with language, some aren't. However, I have made a bet with my 15 month old daughter that I will become...
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Resolutions  Posted on 12/31/2014
I have made 12 resolutions. I figured there are 12 months, so why not 12 resolutions? One of those is writing regularly in this blog.After my 4 and a half month hiatus, I've returned and hope to continue my blogging on this wild and...
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  • EPerrin
    EPerrin 20 March 2012 13:29:41

    Hello! I will be arriving in May! I will be living in Skien which is in Telemark. Is that close to you? I'd love to meet other expats when I get there! I'm certainly not opposed to that! :-) I'll start Norwegian classes on August.

  • superanjanet
    superanjanet 19 March 2012 21:46:30

    Where part will you be in Norway?
    I arrived last feb. 24... I will study norwegian language soon.. Hope we can be friends?..

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