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My New Norwegian Home

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added on 19/02/2012 by: EPerrin
Observations and experiences from an American in Norway. From the way I met my husband to learning the language and cultural differences - all things Norway are discussed! :-)
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The heated bathroom floor  Posted on 03/12/2015
One of my favorite luxuries in Norway are the heated bathroom floors. I call this a luxury because it's something I never grew up with, I don't know of anyone in Kentucky at least who has a heated floor in their bathroom and I...
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How to fall in love with a Norwegian  Posted on 03/06/2015
How to fall in love with a Norwegian in 2 easy steps:1) Find a Norwegian.2) Fall in love.Simple as that.I love my Norwegian. Regardless of nationality, I'd love him just the same.God helg!!! :-)
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Travelling with an infant  Posted on 03/03/2015
Last April/May we took our trip back to the United States to visit my family and our sweet little Pia came with us. I was very anxious prior to the trip because I really didn't know how travelling 24 hours with a baby would be. It...
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Alle hjerters dag  Posted on 02/15/2015
Also known as Valentine's Day, February 14th is what Norwegians sometimes call Alle Hjerters Dag.I've never really been too big on celebrating Valentine's Day. It's just a commercialized holiday anyways. My hubs and I...
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Domino's has made it to Norge!  Posted on 02/10/2015
Hubby's cooking!I love it when my husband cooks dinner. And by that I mean eating at a restaurant or ordering a pizza. ;-)Domino's is new to Norway and it has now opened its 3rd restaurant here in Skien. While we have McDonalds,...
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Away with words  Posted on 02/05/2015
The title isn't a typo. It's just a really bad pun which I hope you get. ;-)I have kicked my studying norsk up a notch. I'm now studying this language a couple of hours a day. Quite frankly, I am beginning to freak out about...
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What's the matter with ja?  Posted on 01/30/2015
When I first met the man who'd later become my husband, I thought he had a tic or some little quirk with his speech. Of course by us just talking online and then Skype, I never caught on until I met him in person. That's when I...
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Welcome to Sweden  Posted on 01/27/2015
Now that my husband and I have our daughter on a schedule that is finally functioning better, we can have the evenings to ourselves. Recently we have actually finished watching the first season of Welcome to Sweden which can be seen on...
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Now on Facebook  Posted on 01/24/2015
My New Norwegian Home is now on Facebook! I've been a major procrastinator about making a Facebook page for this blog, but it is up and working now. Just follow and like the link here to start following whenever I post something...
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  • EPerrin
    EPerrin 20 March 2012 13:29:41

    Hello! I will be arriving in May! I will be living in Skien which is in Telemark. Is that close to you? I'd love to meet other expats when I get there! I'm certainly not opposed to that! :-) I'll start Norwegian classes on August.

  • superanjanet
    superanjanet 19 March 2012 21:46:30

    Where part will you be in Norway?
    I arrived last feb. 24... I will study norwegian language soon.. Hope we can be friends?..

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