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5 of my Favorite Places in Certaldo - #MyHomeTownGuide  Posted on 03/15/2014
Thanks to Honest Cooking and #Fiji Water for asking me to participate in their search for great local food all over the world! When I moved out to the countryside between Florence and Siena in Tuscany, I knew I would be surrounded by...
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Primavera?  Posted on 02/17/2014
It seems like Spring has arrived in Tuscany. The hills are green, in my garden the violets are already blooming and my roses never stopped blooming all winter.The foto is from the hillside near my home, a new farmer has started raising...
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Tuscan Toast  Posted on 02/03/2014
A common "snack" at the coffee shop bars in and around Italy are "toasts", not "panini".Panino means sandwich and they are not put in a "panini press" unless you ask.Most panini are made with lettuce...
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Coffee Culture  Posted on 01/29/2014
In Italy, coffee is almost a religious experience.Each person has their favorite coffee, grind and how to make it at home and where to get it when they go out.At home, most people make simple coffee using a MOKA or stovetop style coffee...
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Tuscan Comfort Food- Risotto al Pomodoro  Posted on 01/27/2014
Winter weather is finally kicking in slowly. The temperature is dropping but the sun is still shining. We are expecting snow this week, so from spring to winter now. In my garden the violets were just starting to bloom and the roses had...
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Ingredients- Radicchio Variegato  Posted on 01/19/2014
When I meet someone from a different region in Italy, I always love for them to share a recipe with me. Some of the simplest recipes and my favorites are home cooking.Sitting at the Dario+ restaurant for a burger at lunch, as I often do,...
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Favorite Fridays - Radicchio di Treviso  Posted on 01/10/2014
Often when traveling around in Italy, you find foods you don't see at home. Not speaking the language it is hard to ask questions. I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite ingredients and how I use them. This is...
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Eat, Play, Love-- new programs for 2014  Posted on 01/07/2014
Eat, Play , Love................ Eat, Play, LaughMy new Mantra for 2014.Also Collaboration.I turn 60 in April and have a 2 year plan.Starting to change my programs to match what I really love. The People.I am offering more week-long...
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Buona Befana and 2014  Posted on 01/03/2014
The holidays in Italy are always a little overwhelming as they involve huge amounts of food and drink. This year I decided to slide though the holidays, avoiding over-doing it.The weather has been mild, and the hills near my house are...
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My Wish for YOU  Posted on 12/25/2013
This year Divina Cucina is becoming Simply Divina, inc and will be sharing my Chianti:Food&Wine secrets on tour this year as well!I am just writing up my Kitchens in Chianti program where we will eat and drink out way through Chianti,...
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  • Craig 27 October 2011 14:56:46

    I would be very interested in talking to you regarding your move to Italy. I have been spending time in Panzano and Greve in Chianti and just left and now terribly homesick for it. My wife and I are thinking of selling our homes and findind a place there and would love to talk with you on e-mail to ask you some questions. Looking forward to hearing back from you

    Craig & Keena

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