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the first moments in a new place...  Posted on 07/13/2011
So, I don’t speak German. Perhaps I should start there. Like, I don’t speak any.  Which constitutes quite a big change, in itself, from living in Italy previously, apart from all the cultural differences. I hadn’t...
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a bit of a change...  Posted on 07/08/2011
Since my last post, about a month ago now, I have actually had the opportunity to move for a new job. So I find myself now in Frankfurt, Germany, once again back at square one in terms of having no idea what the people around me are...
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gagosian gallery: made in italy  Posted on 06/06/2011
Though I have been here for a while, I am still very American when it comes to certain things. One of them is that I leap at the chance to see any modern or contemporary art, particularly by non-Italian artists, here – while for most...
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blending the old and new in italian palazzi  Posted on 05/23/2011
I try to see as many art and design exhibits as I can here in Italy in small galleries and palazzi (old buildings build for aristocratic families in centuries past), because I am often disappointed by the larger museums. A great post on...
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notte dei musei  Posted on 05/15/2011
Last night Rome held it’s annual “Notte dei Musei” – Night at the Museums – where a long list of museums around the city are open from 8pm to 2am, free of charge. I took the opportunity to try to see some of...
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easter in a catholic country  Posted on 04/25/2011
Villa Borghese is kind of incredible: How many city parks have such an amazing skyline view? It’s odd for me spending Catholic holidays here in a place where they are so ubiquitous: even though most young people you ask would say...
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farmacia santa maria novella  Posted on 04/22/2011
La Farmacia-Profumeria di Santa Maria Novella is a small, very chic chain of perfume shops in the major cities of Italy (and a few around the world), but the one you must visit if you get a chance is the original in Florence, touted as...
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day tripper in siena  Posted on 04/07/2011
Siena is a small city in the hills of Tuscany, incredibly popular with tourists because, within its walls, it is completely preserved with all its medieval architecture: narrow streets, imposing stone walls, little shops everywhere selling...
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style and the italians  Posted on 04/03/2011
It’s pretty easy to tell Italians from tourists in Rome in April… The Italians will be those dressed still for winter, long coat, boots over their jeans, maybe even fur, while tourists (let’s face it, particularly...
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