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Exploring Palazzo Farnese  Posted on 07/22/2014
The US has three Embassies in Rome. There are ambassadors to Italy, to the Holy See and even to the United Nations. But it’s the French who really know what’s up, and in 1936 they were smart enough to lease Palazzo Farnese to...
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Meep Meep!  Posted on 07/21/2014
Good morning from the middle of a monsoon! I am currently sitting in a lot of rain in south east Asia, while dreaming of sunnier days, and sunnier cars, in Rome. Spotted in Monti.
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Simple Summer Bruschetta  Posted on 07/13/2014
This is the time of year when it gets to be too hot. Time seems to slow down and every motion you make is planned. Planned to exert as little effort as possible. But with the heat, summer also brings big beautiful tomatoes. When my...
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Post-Shopping Beer  Posted on 07/09/2014
I often walk to the centro storico, and since I live in Testaccio, this is a bit of a stroll. Certainly nothing outrageous, but it’s more than a quick jaunt around the corner. What starts out as a great idea for some exercise, turns...
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A Favorite Roman Corner  Posted on 07/05/2014
I walk too quickly. With one earbud in, and one out, I dip on and off the sidewalk to pass and dodge… but also to listen for approaching cars as I hop in and out of the road while trying to get around throngs of people in the center...
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Sunset Over the Pantheon  Posted on 06/23/2014
Sometimes the week can start off pretty rough. And vacation can feel oh so very far away. On days like that, during weeks such as those, sometimes you just need to watch the sun set over the Pantheon. Take a little vacation at home. And...
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The Rome Sustainable Food Project  Posted on 06/19/2014
I moved to Rome because of Alice Waters. I moved to Rome because of Alice Waters, and I had never even heard of the Rome Sustainable Food Project. Long story short: Alice Waters led to Carlos Petrini led to Amartya Sen led to a cat and an...
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Roman Summer Fashions  Posted on 06/16/2014
So. My computer broke. In the words of Apple tech support it “broke spectacularly.” Three weeks with the Genius Bar here in Rome, and I finally have it back. It is not the same as it was before the incident, but I am going to...
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The Eatery: Rome’s Popup Restaurant  Posted on 05/15/2014
Travelers passing through; new arrivals settling in; seasoned expats; future Rome-dwellers; locals. 12 of us in total.  Eschewing our local Saturday night trattorie, we found ourselves gathering together and introducing one another...
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Wine, Cheese, and much, much more  Posted on 05/11/2014
Pros and cons of living in Rome? Con: Post Office. Pro: Wine. But wine alone can only take you so far, which is why wine pairings are so important.  Honestly, though, I don’t know the first thing about pairing wine with food....
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  • domenico 19 March 2012 13:23:03

    Hello, my name is domenico, i'm from rome...here i'm a lawyer, and i'm looking for someone to improove my english. Everything you need, ask to me!!

  • allen 11 January 2012 02:21:11

    I am a chef considering moving to rome, I will be there in Feb. 2012 how is the employment?

    Thank You,

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