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Church: Rome-style.  Posted on 08/25/2015
I hope you like photos, because it is really hard for me to put into words how much I love this place. Santa Maria in Ara Coeli in my favorite church in Rome. It is the most beautiful church in Rome. I mean, if you like brassy and...
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Palazzi Parking Spaces  Posted on 08/22/2015
One of the worst places to cross the street in Rome is in Piazza Venezia.  The traffic circle is a major artery for traffic in the historic center, and one of the main bus stops. This means, not only do you have to be cautious of cars...
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Coffee with a Colosseum View  Posted on 08/18/2015
I won’t bore you with how hot it was. I won’t bother trying to describe how oppressive the humidity feels when not a single wisp of a breeze can be found. I won’t even begin to recount the discomfort, the lack of...
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Forno Campo de’ Fiori  Posted on 08/14/2015
To me, Campo de Fiori is a meeting spot.  It is a place to agree to find each other so that you can move on to somewhere else. It is not that I don’t like the market there, it simply is not my market.  Neighborhood markets...
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Tram Depot: Testaccio’s Quirky Coffee Cart  Posted on 06/28/2015
One of the best things about Testaccio is very practical: location. Living here, we are within a short walk to the center, a few minutes from Trastevere, and well connected to everything else by the train, metro, tram and bus lines that...
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Civita di Bagnoregio: Day Trip from Rome  Posted on 06/22/2015
I take full responsibility for throwing the road trip completely off track. First, I recommended we pick on the rental car from Fiumicino because then we would be halfway out of Rome already.  As you might be able to guess, that...
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Infiorata: The Flower Festival of Genzano di Roma  Posted on 06/13/2015
Every year in June, Genzano turns to flowers. Genzano di Roma is a town in the Castelli Romani- the hills outside of Rome.  The infiorata that the town puts on display always follows the weekend after Corpus Christi. This year,...
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Spring in Rome: The Rose Garden by Circo Massimo  Posted on 05/13/2015
This is it. This is the two weeks of year when the weather is absolutely perfect and the air is full of possibility. Spring in Rome. Everything in Rome has turned green again, and while the pollen is wrecking havoc on allergies, the blooms...
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Exploring Underground Rome with Rome is Easy  Posted on 05/10/2015
Whenever we have visitors, I direct them to stop by Basilica San Clemente after their trip to the Colosseum. It is incredible, I tell them. 2000 years of history in one building. An ornate church from the Middle Ages, built on top of...
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  • domenico 19 March 2012 13:23:03

    Hello, my name is domenico, i'm from rome...here i'm a lawyer, and i'm looking for someone to improove my english. Everything you need, ask to me!!

  • allen 11 January 2012 02:21:11

    I am a chef considering moving to rome, I will be there in Feb. 2012 how is the employment?

    Thank You,

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