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There are days  Posted on 09/07/2014
There are days when I stuff my clothes into my tiny, leaking washing machine, and pull them out, two hours later, sopping and dripping onto the kitchen floor. The weak spin cycle is useless. There are days when I lean out the window, and...
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Porta Portese: Rome’s Flea Market  Posted on 09/04/2014
Senti. (Listen). I need new shoes. Need. I do not mean “need” in the metaphorical “it would be nice to have” sense. I mean I actually for once in my life really need new shoes. In the past six weeks, I have thrown...
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Rome’s Quiet Museum: A Visit to Centrale Montemartini  Posted on 08/09/2014
I love Jimmy. I really do. But a girl who doesn’t care about sports can only take so much sports talk. And so much is a very small amount. Sometimes you have to get out of the house, away from the TV, and give yourself a good shake...
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48 Hours in Dubrovnik, Croatia  Posted on 08/05/2014
Before I left, we left. Rome can be a fantastic city to live, but just like anywhere, it’s good to get out.  We needed a break from the distractions of daily life. The work emails, the over-committments, the stuff… oh god,...
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La Casetta Rossa in Garbatella  Posted on 07/30/2014
Hi. My name is Natalie, and I have a problem. (Hi Natalie). Sometimes I am guilty of a big sin: Keeping my very favorite places secret because I want them to stay secrets. After four years, it is time to fess up: I love the little red...
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Exploring Palazzo Farnese  Posted on 07/22/2014
The US has three Embassies in Rome. There are ambassadors to Italy, to the Holy See and even to the United Nations. But it’s the French who really know what’s up, and in 1936 they were smart enough to lease Palazzo Farnese to...
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Meep Meep!  Posted on 07/21/2014
Good morning from the middle of a monsoon! I am currently sitting in a lot of rain in south east Asia, while dreaming of sunnier days, and sunnier cars, in Rome. Spotted in Monti.
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Simple Summer Bruschetta  Posted on 07/13/2014
This is the time of year when it gets to be too hot. Time seems to slow down and every motion you make is planned. Planned to exert as little effort as possible. But with the heat, summer also brings big beautiful tomatoes. When my...
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Post-Shopping Beer  Posted on 07/09/2014
I often walk to the centro storico, and since I live in Testaccio, this is a bit of a stroll. Certainly nothing outrageous, but it’s more than a quick jaunt around the corner. What starts out as a great idea for some exercise, turns...
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A Favorite Roman Corner  Posted on 07/05/2014
I walk too quickly. With one earbud in, and one out, I dip on and off the sidewalk to pass and dodge… but also to listen for approaching cars as I hop in and out of the road while trying to get around throngs of people in the center...
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  • domenico 19 March 2012 13:23:03

    Hello, my name is domenico, i'm from rome...here i'm a lawyer, and i'm looking for someone to improove my english. Everything you need, ask to me!!

  • allen 11 January 2012 02:21:11

    I am a chef considering moving to rome, I will be there in Feb. 2012 how is the employment?

    Thank You,

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