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Spring in Rome: The Rose Garden by Circo Massimo  Posted on 05/13/2015
This is it. This is the two weeks of year when the weather is absolutely perfect and the air is full of possibility. Spring in Rome. Everything in Rome has turned green again, and while the pollen is wrecking havoc on allergies, the blooms...
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Exploring Underground Rome with Rome is Easy  Posted on 05/10/2015
Whenever we have visitors, I direct them to stop by Basilica San Clemente after their trip to the Colosseum. It is incredible, I tell them. 2000 years of history in one building. An ornate church from the Middle Ages, built on top of...
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Things I Have Been Consuming Instead of Blogging  Posted on 05/05/2015
2015 is hectic, in the best possible way.  We have it jammed with travel and even a couple life milestones. So in between all of that, dealing with hackers, and forgetting to pay my hosting service (oops), I have turned to food and...
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Rome’s Keyhole: A Picture Perfect View  Posted on 04/23/2015
First, let me say: Why, hackers? WHY?! Why this site? What do you gain from an attack that takes my little old blog down?  Thank you to everyone who messaged and emailed– the site is back up and running thanks to the brilliant...
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Flavio Al Velavevodetto  Posted on 03/10/2015
Here’s what it is like in real life: I stayed at the office until 7 pm, and then had to deal with the unpredictable commute home, at which point I was so tired that I re-heated arrabbiata that I had in the fridge, and sat down in...
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Cost of a Taxi to and from Rome’s Airports  Posted on 03/01/2015
Allow me to recount for you a miracle of miracles: Once upon a time, I paid the correct taxi fare from Rome to the airport. You see, whenever people ask me if I speak Italian, I say I speak enough.  If they push, I clarify that I...
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The Golden Hour in Rome  Posted on 02/17/2015
I have lived in Rome for half my adult life, but there are still days when I round a corner and squee with excitement because it is just That. Damn. Beautiful. Jim puts up with me stopping every 2 minutes to take photos “like a...
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Exploring East Berlin in Winter  Posted on 02/15/2015
Other than a food tour, we had zero hard commitments on our Berlin itinerary.  This left of plenty of time to explore East Berlin, and hang out in Mitte in particular. The backyard alleyways would be perfect for a beer in summer, but...
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Berlin Food Tour  Posted on 02/08/2015
I like things, but I definitely like places more. For Christmas, I was thrilled to be gifted with a trip to Berlin- a city we have long wanted to explore. I like exploring, but I like eating more.  (It is one in the same, right?) I...
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This Bar  Posted on 02/03/2015
Dear American Academy in Rome, Can I move in, please? xo, Natalie
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  • domenico 19 March 2012 13:23:03

    Hello, my name is domenico, i'm from rome...here i'm a lawyer, and i'm looking for someone to improove my english. Everything you need, ask to me!!

  • allen 11 January 2012 02:21:11

    I am a chef considering moving to rome, I will be there in Feb. 2012 how is the employment?

    Thank You,

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