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Seeking Italian Citizenship

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added on 12/09/2012 by: walkerjly
I have recently embarked upon a journey, a quest. The goal I seek is a simple one: dual citizenship. This blog is an attempt to record this experience. I am a US citizen living in Italy and I’ve been married to an Italian national for over two years, making me eligible to request Italian citizenship. I expect this to be a lengthy process full of pitfalls and setbacks and I would like to document the various steps so that other people may be able to use my experience to help them in a similar struggle.
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  • siham arouf
    siham arouf 02 May 2015 15:09:42

    My husband requested Italian nationality since 6 years , but we have no reply till the time being, all they tell him : ''you have to wait more ''...

  • a.adeyemi5
    a.adeyemi5 08 October 2012 19:44:50

    perhaps with video lol!

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