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Flourish &Nourish in Pantelleria

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added on 22/01/2013 by: flourishnourish
Peter Lambert, Culinary Institue of America '86, worked for 25 years as a private chef with Manhattan's elite. He, his wife, Amy Burke, D.C., a successful family chiropractor in Manhattan, and urbane 4 year old daughter moved to a miniscule island in the heart of the Mediterranean to reconnect with their shared passion for food, clean living, and the land. Enjoy as they share the beauty and quirks of idyllic life observations, experiences and adventures.
 tags: culinary traditions, expat living in Southern Italy, gourmet food, observations of a foreigner, travel

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Uva Pazza  Posted on 07/31/2015
We had a dear friend come to visit a couple of weeks ago. She brought Lily a wonderful gift: Mad Libs. I remember spending hours laughing with friends at the ridiculous combinations we crafted together while accidentally practicing...
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Feminine Touch  Posted on 07/24/2015
A few weeks ago we were invited to a barbecue by a roaming band of Americans here on the island. Well into the evening, all eyes were affixed to the small television tucked on a shelf in the corner. They were watching a match between an...
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The Extinction of Eloquence  Posted on 05/08/2015
Helen Keller wrote to Mark Twain after the death of his wife in 1904....."do try to reach through the grief and feel the pressure of her hand, as I reach through darkness and feel the smile on my friend's lips and the light in...
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Lest We Forget, Liberation is a Human Right  Posted on 05/02/2015
Coast Guard from Pantelleria rescuing refugees from their wooden boat trapped on the rocks April 13, 2011Who are Humans? The reflection of the Eternal Light.What is the world? A wave on the Everlasting Sea.How could the reflection be cut...
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Sandhya "opposite sides of midnight"  Posted on 04/17/2015
Within the ambiguous ubiquitous setting of the skyIf you leave I perish, sun's set to its riseMeeting at their daily blending junctionWhere the self is forgotten.Perceptions of pleasantness and unpleasantness are the...
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Santa's gift and GRATITUDE  Posted on 12/21/2014
On a bright sunny December day, a sweet little girl living in Pantelleria did say, to her self barely aloud, while in her secret fort all covered by purple, orange, and white woven bougainvillea boughs. Dearest Santa, I would feel remiss...
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Dumbphones  Posted on 07/20/2014
Perhaps an important element of paradise is the difficulty of actually getting there. It keeps the riff-raff out, and by "riff-raff," I mean people who don't come to a place to really appreciate it, but, rather, to be...
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Perdere la Tramontana*  Posted on 06/29/2014
"After the fire,The fire still burns,The heart grows older but never ever learns.Memories smolder,The soul still yearns,After the fire, the fire still burns." Pete Townshend The other day the island of Pantelleria was...
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