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Metajokeism  Posted on 07/27/2015
You can google this"If the truth in itself is true then you can only use that as a measurement of truth"The biggest count of people checking the quote?
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Why Are You Still Looking for Headlines?  Posted on 07/19/2015
If we outsource all of the intelligence, who would notice?Life is a peach but not a pear. Nobody can fight against a full-grown pear. I only know one fictive character doing that. He survived. The pear did not.If I'm measuring my...
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Finland's Grand Committee on Greece  Posted on 07/13/2015
Finland's Grand Committee had a meeting last Saturday about it's policy on Greece. Grand Committee is a compromise between having a two chambers or not. Grand Committee usually has members from all of the parties represented in...
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Utrecht puts basic income to the test  Posted on 07/13/2015
While the Greece is currently the main focus of economical experiments, meanwhile in the land of wooden shoes the concept of basic income is getting an interesting treatment. Basic income being the social welfare model where everybody...
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The Clever Headlines Are Not What They Used To Be  Posted on 07/02/2015
"In the old days. Days when even the Nostalgia was better. You noticed that clever timejump wordplay? Well, it's too late to play with time travel when you already got this far. Unless we try to undermine the original premisses....
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The Five Reasons to Be Against Abortion  Posted on 06/20/2015
There is a good few of you folks who still needs reasoning against abortion. We all know it, and we know what already happened when gays were allowed to get married. God doesn't live in this country as strong as it used to. I think...
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Celtic Streissand Effect  Posted on 05/30/2015
Somebody probably still remembers Novaya Gazeta, and Anna Politkovskaya. The latter was murdered about a century ago, and the paper itself has met some hard times in Russia. Politkovskaya wrote many articles in Novaya Gazeta about some...
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Celtic Tiger Might Take a Great Leap for Equality Today  Posted on 05/22/2015
This is a great moment to live in Ireland. You can see, hear, and feel the history being made. Referendum will be held today to decide what should be the age of presidential candidates. Important as well, but also the vote for Marriage...
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Susan Anne White Recognizes the Arrival of the 1900s  Posted on 04/28/2015
It seems that Ireland is getting to the 1900s sooner than expected. This evidence was brought to me by Susanne Anne White as covered in the Independent yesterday. As you probably are aware (cause you know what is Internet, and you were...
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The Not So Good Friday  Posted on 03/31/2015
It is almost time for Christian celebration of Easter, but it is celebrated very differently in Ireland compared to many other European countries. The Good Friday is not considered as a bank holiday, but the following Monday is. Ireland...
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