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"New" "anti-terrorism" "laws" - just to quote  Posted on 01/21/2015
It seems that Ireland is preparing to fight terrorism on it's own soil again. Foreign Minister Charlie Flanagan's speaks kind mildly on quotes published in Journal.ie: “We need strong partnership between Member States as...
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Rhittimossimos de la goons  Posted on 08/28/2014
They were so gloomthe endings of ashtray said boomrivers da mountain veremissimos de la goonle cat said spoon soon(note to yourself: add a tag for bad poetry)
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A something, and a poem  Posted on 08/22/2014
If we all behind.It is not nice when people die, or if their little funny ones die.It is not nice.I will bring out everything with just one poem:KrhmmmI will start nowkrhmmmm.This might be nice, and here it goes:I don't know what it...
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Do you believe in Theological Atheism?  Posted on 11/06/2013
Author of the blog writes about how he ended up to be a Theological Atheist. Scene's middle act is about growing up, and most of those are made-up for those with literal conscience. The ending is about why Stephen Hawking might have...
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The Sequel of Critics  Posted on 09/29/2013
First of all, Jean-Claude Van Damme is a star, and a lot better of an actor than Steven Seagull. Fortunately he has not made politically motivated movies filled with a social consciousness agenda as the mentioned Seagull, or Sylvester...
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Darker Indie Batman - Boy Wonder  Posted on 09/03/2013
Nice random pick from Netflix today. After watching the latest episode of the much so popular Breaking Bad taking it's final trench run, I needed something fast paced action. Boy Wonder is, according to it's description, like an...
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Men who hate female gamertags  Posted on 07/26/2013
Hey you, you psychophysicalsocial being! Go back to being a psychological, or physical, or social being, and do something very stereotypical from my point of a view. You cannot play on our field.The third wave of feminism (or equalism, as...
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Ireland to censor the internet  Posted on 06/12/2013
It didn't take that long for Ireland to take the bait of internet censorship, which is, mildly saying, dangerous for any country. I will use the word freedom at the end of this post, but before that I will give examples of why it...
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Textually Healing  Posted on 05/19/2013
I felt numb, I felt everything except feelingsI felt castrated, I didn't care to feelThen I felt itI used my sensesI felt the fabrics of my skinI smelled the power of piss and shit in the bathroomI saw knickers dancing downstairsI...
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I want to propose a toast, and it died in the committee  Posted on 05/01/2013
It is probably going to happen, when Keith Richards becomes the pope, when abortion is going to be legalised-legalised in Ireland. After the sad, and misfortunate death of Savita Halappanavar last year, a wide pro-abortion movement got...
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