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The Five Reasons to Be Against Abortion  Posted on 06/20/2015
There is a good few of you folks who still needs reasoning against abortion. We all know it, and we know what already happened when gays were allowed to get married. God doesn't live in this country as strong as it used to. I think...
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Celtic Streissand Effect  Posted on 05/30/2015
Somebody probably still remembers Novaya Gazeta, and Anna Politkovskaya. The latter was murdered about a century ago, and the paper itself has met some hard times in Russia. Politkovskaya wrote many articles in Novaya Gazeta about some...
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Celtic Tiger Might Take a Great Leap for Equality Today  Posted on 05/22/2015
This is a great moment to live in Ireland. You can see, hear, and feel the history being made. Referendum will be held today to decide what should be the age of presidential candidates. Important as well, but also the vote for Marriage...
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Susan Anne White Recognizes the Arrival of the 1900s  Posted on 04/28/2015
It seems that Ireland is getting to the 1900s sooner than expected. This evidence was brought to me by Susanne Anne White as covered in the Independent yesterday. As you probably are aware (cause you know what is Internet, and you were...
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The Not So Good Friday  Posted on 03/31/2015
It is almost time for Christian celebration of Easter, but it is celebrated very differently in Ireland compared to many other European countries. The Good Friday is not considered as a bank holiday, but the following Monday is. Ireland...
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The tiger is about to touch your pint  Posted on 02/04/2015
It seems that the Irish government is planning to set a minimum price for alcohol reports the Irish Independent. Paper usually uses a lot of pages to slur Sinn Féin, but this time they left out the part that the party was opposing...
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"New" "anti-terrorism" "laws" - just to quote  Posted on 01/21/2015
It seems that Ireland is preparing to fight terrorism on it's own soil again. Foreign Minister Charlie Flanagan's speaks kind mildly on quotes published in Journal.ie: “We need strong partnership between Member States as...
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Rhittimossimos de la goons  Posted on 08/28/2014
They were so gloomthe endings of ashtray said boomrivers da mountain veremissimos de la goonle cat said spoon soon(note to yourself: add a tag for bad poetry)
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A something, and a poem  Posted on 08/22/2014
If we all behind.It is not nice when people die, or if their little funny ones die.It is not nice.I will bring out everything with just one poem:KrhmmmI will start nowkrhmmmm.This might be nice, and here it goes:I don't know what it...
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Do you believe in Theological Atheism?  Posted on 11/06/2013
Author of the blog writes about how he ended up to be a Theological Atheist. Scene's middle act is about growing up, and most of those are made-up for those with literal conscience. The ending is about why Stephen Hawking might have...
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