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Mein Leben in Bumfeldmochingf*ck

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New German Word - Embarrassed (Sich Schämen)  Posted on 05/20/2010
As in, I was so embarrassed I could have died. Ich habe mich so zutiefst geschämt, dass ich sterben wollte.But I didn't die and therefore I blog. Here is my shame for your enjoyment. Schadenfreude at its best. About once a year...
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Rainbows and Butterflies  Posted on 05/17/2010
Auf Deutsch: Regenbogen und Schmetterlinge. Regenbogen, okay. I'll accept that one as Regen is rain and Bogen is arch (or bow). So that sort of makes sense. But Schmetterling??? It sounds like something you scrape off the bottom of...
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Back To School - Again  Posted on 05/12/2010
But not without a fight. No, not like me refusing to get out of my nice, warm bed and Thomas pulling the sheets off me while yelling, "We paid for this and you are going," (although that may or may not have happened on occasion)....
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A Time to Sow and a Time to Sew  Posted on 04/24/2010
It's been so nice to spend some time with my family this last week. By far, the hardest part of living abroad is missing family and friends. Email, hour-long phone calls, Skype - they are simply not a comparable replacement for sleepy...
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Autobahn vs. Audubon  Posted on 04/20/2010
What's the difference between life in Germany and life in Maine?Swans in the backyard = Germany.Wild turkeys in the backyard = Maine.
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Walk This Way (Or, the BFMF Virtual Tour)  Posted on 04/07/2010
Now that spring is here in fits and spurts I've been able put aside exercise DVDs and get outside to exercise. So, screw you Tony Horton and all your P90X friends who invaded my cold, cold basement to mock me with your freakishly taut...
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Swinging in Berlin  Posted on 03/31/2010
My friend Marika and I met in Berlin for a little 3-day yoga get-away. We stayed at Aspria, a full service fitness club that also has guest rooms. It's a pretty cool concept that lets you work out as much or as little as you want with...
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Dinner at ???  Posted on 03/28/2010
We had friends for dinner last night and I had sort of a Hausfrau breakthrough. Typically, as our guests are pushing the buzzer at exactly 7:00 (yes, the stereotype is true, Germans are exceptionally prompt) I am in full hysteria mode....
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Breaking-In the Biergarten  Posted on 03/27/2010
It's nice having friends here. Finally. It's really nice having such an international group of friends here. One of the best benefits of German language classes is that you meet other people in the same situation but with very...
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Brotzeit Birthday  Posted on 03/22/2010
The twins turned 37 on Saturday. We enjoyed family time over the weekend including a traditional Bavarian Brotzeit. Brotzeit makes for a perfect Sunday evening meal when nobody feels like cooking but you still want a little German...
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  • paulacs
    paulacs 28 May 2012 22:01:33

    I enjoyed reading your blog...very entertaining but not exactly comforting as I am moving to the middle of nowhere outside of Munich to live with my deutsch boyfriend, as well. any other tips/pieces of advice?

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