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An American in Wiesbaden

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added on 17/08/2010 by: shoegirl
Making the move from California to Western Germany to start a new life with my new husband. Discovering life can be better than expected and hope to remain world-travelling expats for the rest of our lives together.
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New blog, new start  Posted on 08/13/2013
It has been a wonderful past few years here on An American in Wiesbaden. I started this blog, like so many other expats, to chronicle the massive life change that is moving 5,000 miles away to make a home in a new country where you...
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A weekend wedding celebration in France  Posted on 08/09/2013
Our trip to France last month took us to Paris, through the amazing French countryside, to the Atlantic coast and back again, but what in fact brought us to one of my favorite countries: a wedding. Since we were unable to accept two...
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I love the French grocery  Posted on 07/26/2013
Many people might dream about all the foie gras and countless cream-based dishes they will consume when they go to France, but my new love of French eating is a lot simpler: the grocery store. The last couple of weeks driving across France...
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Back from France  Posted on 07/23/2013
While I have been to France numerous times before, this trip was something rather special. We were able to attend not only an amazing two-day wedding celebration on our friends' vineyard just outside Bordeaux, but we got to see so...
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I'm famous! (sort of)  Posted on 07/11/2013
While I am here in Paris, enjoying my favorite chocolat and keeping away from the bi-annual les soldes so that I don't inadvertently spend all our Berlin savings, my little blog is getting a bit of publicity back in Wiesbaden. In...
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Music Monday: A France road trip playlist  Posted on 07/08/2013
What could be more important to a long road trip than some good music? With us hitting the road for Paris tomorrow morning, I have been picturing warm sun, the French countryside rolling by and just the right mood-setting tunes. A few of...
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Who do you want to be when you travel?  Posted on 07/05/2013
So many shoes to consider... not enough days to wear them allThis admission may come as no surprise, but: I am over-packer. Not only am I the left-brained, cautious planner who wants to make sure that every possible travel scenario is...
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Packing for Paris  Posted on 07/01/2013
As excited as I am about next week's holiday in French wine country and at the seaside, Paris is by far the bit I get most excited to pack for. There is an energy and sense of style like no other, and I can't help but feel...
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Time for some new glasses!  Posted on 06/26/2013
If you can believe it, this blind-as-a-bat daily glasses-wearer has gone three years without getting her eyes checked! Mostly because I love all my frames so much (yes, I have, ahem, five pairs) and resisted having to change them, I gave...
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