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I cant even think of a title...

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added on 23/11/2011 by: Jen Law
I study education in a country renound for educational excellence. I like to write about how I see this "fantastic" system.
 tags: art, bilingualism, education, politics

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I'm an art educator...almost  Posted on 03/13/2012
Clockwise from top left:Extraordinary Huge Snowball SeaBoooring FinlandPink SnotNorthern Lights ExplodedThe EndEnd of Colorful Math Dog
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Sunday Projects - Animation Edition  Posted on 03/11/2012
Inspired by the animation workshop, Lily and I decided to take our camera use to a whole new level. Gabor took Ernest to visit te neighbours while we got to work (Ernest leaving was necessary because he kept squashing our actors)....
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In which we consider moving to Denmark - 365  Posted on 03/11/2012
Sunday (19th February - oh dear, I am about 3 weeks behind)Full animations can bee seen here Monday - Frozen clothes Animation Workshop - Day 5 - EditingTuesday Wednesday Oulu International Children's Theatre FestivalFriday (please...
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A backlog - 365  Posted on 02/09/2012
... or maybe a better way of posting. A week in photos anyway.Friday - White IISaturday - ReliefPyjamaday - suitible for ages 2 - 122 (sometimes Gabor and I play with it once the kids have gone to bed)Monday - no camera Tuesday - This is...
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Limit  Posted on 02/07/2012
Minus 30 degrees (Celsius) does strange things to the mind; I have begun to find long-johns and woollen socks sexy. My being is split between the urge to make a nest of blankets and burrow in until spring (or until it is -20 at the very...
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Breathe - 365  Posted on 02/02/2012
I suspect "Cold" will be a feature of these photos for a while. I do live pretty far north after all. It was minus 26 when I cycled to uni this morning with predictions for as cold as minus 32 over the weekend. Stay warm people.
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Another - 365  Posted on 02/01/2012
Whay can I say, the trees are so pretty that they deserved a second day of being featured. Besides I almost lost some fingers taking the picture so I am not just going to ditch it.
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  • Tullynessle Turnip
    Tullynessle Turnip 02 January 2014 16:21:57

    "renound" ???!!! educashion?

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